Monday, August 13, 2007

Scruff Mcguffageddan apparently Sam McGuffie made a visit up to Texas A&M this past weekend. If you don't remember his final two choices were between Big Blue and the Aggies. And all McGuffie has done is verbally commit to Michigan, so he could very easily pull a fast one and end up signing a letter of intent at Texas A&M for all we know. I'm kind of worried, but I'm trying to convince myself he was just going up there to get wasted or know kind of like me going to College Park and hitting up Maryland bars. Lord knows I wouldn't actually go to a dump like College Park (it's not the school, just the town), but it's always funs to go somewhere new and get drunk.

In Scruff McGuff's case, maybe he was just checking out some high quality bars or something. But if it's more than that and he ends up goign with the Aggies or even pulling out of his verbal commit...I will launch my foot so far up his ass that when he plays in front of the 12th man at A&M, he won't be able to hear because the shoe I was wearing when I kicked him will be lodged all the way in his eardrum.

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