Friday, August 24, 2007

Got Internet again

So I realize I haven't posted jack the past two weeks, but I have legitimate excuses. First there was the already documented Colorado excursion and then my return to school saw me go without internet....until about 6 pm on Friday night. And as I type this the metro Detroit area is getting absolutely pounded by a crucially awesome thunderstorm and there are apparently multiple tornadoes in the area as well.

Also wanted to let Matt know how extremely jealous I am of him seeing as he got the invite to a Wizards workout courtesy of Jerome Dyson. And this came a day after, Matt got to encounter Kevin Durant and Jerome at Maryland's campus.

Now that I got that out of the way, I wanted to take a moment to comment on David Beckham. I realize he has done next to nothing on the field for the Galaxy so far, but you have to admit...this guy is an absolute baller. From watching interviews of him I'm not really sure it's possible to hate him. What self-respecting soccer fan can't respect the fact that the man played an entire game for the English national team and then hopped on a jet to get to LA for a game against the Galaxy's rival, Chivas USA? And that near brawl that he started last night put him up another level in my book. That Chivas dude came awfully close to the gonads that touch Posh Spice every night.

How can you not like this guy? He's awesome.

The man has decided to put American soccer on his shoulders for the time being, and I love him for trying. Will he be successful? That remains to be seen. He needs to be the Michael Jordan of MLS and I don't think he's quite talented enough to do that. But in the long run we will look back on The Beckham's do America Tour as historic in the realm of sports. For the time being, Beckham has put soccer on the map in America. I would argue it's getting more attention now than the NHL is.

And I know there are those cynics who think he's doing all of this for the money. They are right, but wouldn't you do the same thing if you were David Beckham. This whole situation is a win-win for everyone. If Becks can't propel soccer to new heights, then he still made an assload of money and can walk away knowing he gave it the ol' college try.

But if he succeeds, he has the chance to go down as legendary. Not to mention, if he succeeds, he will walk away with a major collosal assload of cash courtesy of endorsements and what not. And I'm not talking about a normal assload...I'm talking about an assload comparable to one of those 500-pound behemoths who can't get out of bed and are regulars on Maury or Montel Williams.

My favorite Maury episodes are the ones with the 100-pound three year olds whose mothers feed them with a pitchfork. And they all waddle too.

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