Thursday, March 30, 2006

David Stern is a toolbag

It appears the NBA will now be banning tights in their new uniform code. I don't understand how the NBA has any business telling players what they can and cannot wear, especially when it's on the basketball court. A lot of players wear the leggings for injury prevention. And I mean the fact that they are wearing stockings should show that they are not wearing them to look cool. Stockings are not cool on men. That's actually called gay, not cool. David Stern is a douch and probably has never talked to a black person in his life. And if you are counting Michael Jordan, you obviously don't know black people.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Jack Johnson stays in school

Michigan defenseman Jack Johnson has decided to stay in Ann Arbor for atleast one more year. He has turned down the chance to play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs with Carolina. Presumably this decision was made due to Jack's infatuation with ugly girls. Rumor has it that JJ is a huge fan of the heifers. Now he has alteast another year to dip into the deep resevoir of unattractive girls that Michigan has to offer.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I Will End You

I think quote of the day goes to Peter Kraus. When confronted by Tim Miller of the hockey team last night at TDs, Peter responded with, "I will end you!" That is just funny. I'm looking forward to TDs next Monday to see if the SAE-Michigan hockey rivalry grows...

Death and Rolling Stone

I was reading Rolling Stone and I came across this really great quote from of all people Bruce Willis. He said it way back in 1986 (the year I was born ironically), but it's something that should ring true for eternity.

"I think people should think about their own death atleast once a day. Not in a morbid dark way, not with a sense of impending doom, but letting yourself know that the end of the line is out there somewhere, so do all you can right now."

Monday, March 27, 2006

Jack Johnson

So the big rumor around Michigan hockey right now involves Jack Johnson. Although he has said the enitre year that he will be playing for Michigan next season, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. The Carolina Hurricanes (who drafted him No. 3 overall last year) want him for their playoff run.

By the way, the quote from Jack after a conference playoff game....yeah that was the answer to my question.

And if I were Jack I would stay at Michigan. The money will always be there, and his parents seem pretty wealthy to begin with. I say give it another year in Ann Arbor.

Cogliano Hates Me

So I was in Grand Forks, ND for the NCAA west regional for hockey. We drove like 15 hours to watch Michigan get their asses handed to them by North Dakota. AFter the game I went to my Holiday Inn, where the team was also staying, and proceeded to get shitfaced at the bar. I began talking with the WTKA radio guys about how shitty some of the players on Michigan hockey are. As I walked out of the bar I described forward Andrew Cogliano as such, "Cogs fuckin sucks!" I then turned to my left to see Jason Bailey and the aforementioned Cogliano sitting right in the lobby, and staring at me. Then in today's paper the lead photo was of Cogliano getting his shit handed to him by a North Dakota player. And I got a call from another writer who talked to Bailey and said they definitely heard me when I made my drunken comment.

The First Post

Yeah so I was reading this Sports Illustrated article about how the internet is transforming sports journalism and I'm delaying writing a paper. SO naturally I started my own blog. In my dreams this thing will turn into a must read, but who the fuck cares. It'll just be fun to write my ramblings down and no one but myself will probably read them.

Maybe in a couple of years this post will be historic....but I seriously doubt it.