Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do You Want to Hire Me?

So obviously there's been a huge uproar since my last post over a week ago (actually two people noticed and one of them wasn't Matt Brown so I'm guessing three people total actually cared). But I've been looking for a job for after college and combined with some grueling basketball road trips to Northwestern and Illinois, I just haven't had much time for the blog. Oh yeah, I've been drinking every night because I'm taking six credits this semester.

But I promise I'll be back in full force for these NFL conference championships. Although, to be honest, I'm in a little bit of a funk seeing as I lost that whole "Colts are the greatest team this year" bet to Nate. Seriously, the last person you want to lose to in a bet is him. Ugh...I'm just disgusted with myself because it's basically back to the drawing board as far as picking stuff goes. My new advice is to just not listen to anything I say prediction-wise. It pains me to have to write that, but I've got to accept reality...just like this guy has to accept he's a giant toolbag:

He's not gonna notice this for a few days because he's on a couples weekend up north right now. I heard he might be having a wine and cheese party next weekend because he wants things to get ridiculously crazy.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'll Miss Ya Gibbs

Well, the return of the legend is over, and well, I can't help but think about how much I wanted Joe Gibbs to coach the Washington Redskins next season. The way this season ended, and with all of our injured players returning next year, I thought the Skins could really make a run in the NFC. But of course, like everything Redskin-related, nothing can run perfectly.

Like I've said all along, I never actually lost faith in Joe Gibbs as the coach of the Redskins. Although he didn't accomplish his goal of bringing back the franchise to pre-eminence in the NFL, he did put the pieces in place for us to become a well-oiled machine in the future. We went to the playoffs two of his four years at the helm, which is more postseason appearances than we had in the 10 years he was gone. We also have a good mix of young and old on the roster, making next year (with the right coach) a year that could produce something magical. In essence, Gibbs left the team in better shape than he got it, and that's something he should hang his hat on.

One of my idols. You will be sorely missed, Gibbs.

Obviously, the higlights of Gibbs II were the two late-season winning streaks in 2005 and 2007. And for me personally, my two favorite moments occured during those runs. And they both involved the Cowboys. In 2005, it was the 35-17 beatdown of Dallas at Fedex in Week 15, which put us in control of our own destiny for the playoffs. And then this year, it was clearly the season-ending win that sealed the deal for our second postseason appearance of Gibbs II.

As for a replacement, I do agree a call needs to be made to one Bill Cowher. He would be a great coach for this team, and we all know The Snyder will not be shy about paying him a shit ton of money. But if this were my decision, I would think long and hard about trying to keep the nucleus that Gibbs put in place. The players have already voiced their opinion, and it seems the overwhelming sentiment is to give the job to Gregg Williams, currently the defensive coordinator. When he was hired, Gibbs introduced him as the heir apparent to the Redskins throne, although he has backed off that in recent weeks.

The next coach?

Williams wasn't very successful in his first go around as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, but let's be real here. No one has been a successful coach in Buffalo except for Marv Levy. Williams problems in B-Town stemmed from his inability to effectively communicate with his players. Specifically, he was a jackass. But from the sounds of things, the players at Redskin Park are much more receptive to him. It makes me believe his people skills have benefited greatly from working under the master of people skills, Joe Gibbs. Something tells me Williams has the opportunity to pull a Belichick if he gets this job.

Remember Belichick sucked balls in his first try as a head coach, when he guided the Cleveland Browns to absolute mediocrity. Now, as we all know, his Patriots team is about to come up short in the AFC Championship game against the Colts after going undefeated in the regular season (had to include a prop for my prediction). And as I said above, I really thought the Skins were on to something towards the end of the season. If an outside candidate is hired, say Cowher, the whole staff would likely be gone. A new offense would be imported, and I think it would set back this team a season or so. It doesn't help that the Skins personnel department might be the worst in the NFL. Vinny Cerato should not be making decisions and yet, somehow, someway, he got The Snyder's seal of approval once again during Gibbs' retirement conference.

So, I say hire within. Give Gregg Williams a chance to extend what was a magical end to the 2007 season into the 2008 campaign. The players want it, Gibbs wants it, and I want it. Besides, from media reports it sounds like Cowher isn't interested in coaching this season no matter the oodles of money thrown in his direction. If Williams screws things up next season, then go after Cowher hard next offseason.

Bowl Picks
Well, I tallied the results for my bowl picks and well...ummm...they were okay I guess.

I went 18-12 on the 30 games I picked. I forgot about the International Bowl and the GMAC Bowl. I was 3-2 on BCS Bowl games, and I would have made money had I bet on all these games for real. But as for my plans of proving Matt wrong about me being horrible at picking games...well I think the jury is still out. If the Colts follow through and win the Super Bowl, I think that's more than enough to put me over the top.

I'll be as happy as Hillary if the Colts pull this thing off.

Monday, January 07, 2008

The Aftermath

Hey, what can you really say about the Skins?

It was a great a run, a run I didn't see coming at all and enjoyed thoroughly. Todd Collins was a revelation, Gibbs got some vindication after what became a tough, tough year, and I think the Skins can only build off this. What pains me about all this is the fact they had a chance, what with a one-point lead and the ball deep in Seahawk territory in the fourth quarter. If the Skins had won this game, you have to believe every writer in the world would lead their game stories off with something along these lines:

"With the Skins clinging to a slim one point lead, they got a little help from above on the ensuing kickoff. As if Sean Taylor himself caught the ball as it soared through the air, the Redskins got a gift wrapped win from the powers that be above."

But let's go back to reality. Make no mistake, the better team won this game. I didn't realize just how good the 'Hawks defense was. Julian Peterson and Lofa Tatupu are absolute monsters and Patrick Kerney is simply relentless. The Skins got lucky and caught the 'Hawks when Matt Hasselbeck was having a subpar day as well. All in all, it was just like the 2005 divisional playoff loss at Qwest Field, where it seemed every break was in place for a Washington victory, and yet it didn't happen. Because the bottom line is the Seattle Seahawks are a better football team than the Washington Redskins. That's why the playoffs are the playoffs. It separates the men from the boys.

Playoff Predictions
Pats over Jags: I really want to pick Jacksonville, but when it comes down to it, how can you take David Garrard over Tom Brady?

Seahawks over Packers: This is my upset pick. I've got a good feeling about this Seattle team. Like I said above, their D is underrated, and they have a ton of guys who know how to win in the playoffs. Other than Favre, the Pack is real young.

Cowboys over Giants: Eli Manning finally looked good, but that was against a weak Tampa team. I think Romo and TO come out firing. This will look a lot like the season opening 45-35 Cowboy win in Dallas.

Colts over Chargers: The Colts will follow the same script the Titans followed. Eliminate LT from the game and make Rivers win the game. And unlike the Titans win yesterday, 17 points from Rivers isn't going to get the job done against Peyton.

National Championship
It's finally here, finally. I'm really not sure which way to think about this one because let's be honest, we don't know all that much about Ohio State. In a weak year for the Big Ten, the Buckeyes haven't actually beaten anybody that impressive (that includes Michigan). LSU is definitely battle tested after some of their wars in the SEC. If the Tigers jump out early, this couldbe a rout. Ohio State has to have something positive go its way early on, so it knows it can hang with the Tigers. I think LSU will have more trouble with OSU's defense than people think. That being said, if LSU can stop Beanie Wells, it will win this game. Todd Boeckman isn't a guy who can carry a team to a win yet. I really hope this game lives up to the hype and is competitive because all the BCS games have been more boring than Krauss's Friday nights with the ball and chain. Zing!

LSU 31, Ohio State 24

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Been Busy Since Coming Back to School

I completely forgot about last night's Fiesta Bowl pick, but I'm doing so well right now that I'm man enough to admit I was going to pick Oklahoma in that game. That's right, I'm taking a loss even though I don't actually have to.

For tonight, expect Virginia Tech to feast on a suspect Kansas team that hasn't actually beaten anybody good yet this season. BTW, who called the whole Jayhawks in a BCS Bowl Game back in October?

This guy: