Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Desperation Time...and Michigan knows it

Last night was a nice little surprise for anybody who has watched Michigan basketball in recent years. The team I saw on the floor last night was not the same team I've seen all year. You could tell they all knew how desperately they needed to beat Michigan State. The Wolverines have now won 4 out of 6 and have a real shot at making the NCAA Tournament if they can miraculously defeat Ohio State at Crisler on Saturday. I'm not counting this team out yet, I think I prematurely buried them. You know what convinces me: Dion Harris. If you take out that Illinois where he shot terribly, this guy seems to have finally gotten it. He understands he needs to will this team to wins and he's done playing conservatively. The lineup change playing Jerret Smith at point to start has worked wonders for this offense (again take out that Illinois game).

And you know what, I saw a different Tommy Amaker last night. In recent days there has been mounting pressure on the guy. He had a meeting with Bill Martin on Monday morning before his normal press conference, and I think he was given the ultimatum: Get to the NCAA Tournament or you're done. For the first time all season, Amaker wasn't as polite to the media, even challenging some of their questions. Martin has been doing numerous interviews the past week, and has had plenty of opportunities to give Amaker a vote of confidence and he hasn't done it. And then in his postgame presser, numerous reporters tried to goat him into admitting his job was on the line, but Amaker would only go as far as to say this win was "a significant win".

The man showed the fire everyone
has been waiting to see for 6 years.

In talking to the players, I think they know Tommy's job is on the line. They understand their performance down the stretch could dictate the future of the program. Petway (by the way that dunk in person was incredible) said on MOnday that "we know you all have been jumpin on coach and it's about time we got you all off". So what will it take to make the Tourny? A win over the Buckeyes on saturday is a must, followed by a win in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament (we're playing either Minnesota or Northwestern). If the Wolverines do that they will be squarely on the bubble...a win in the second round of the NCAA Tournament and they become a lock. Will they do this? No, I'm fairly certain Ohio State is going to win on Saturday in a close one. It's at home atleast, and Tommy Amaker teams have shown they are good home teams, so don't count them out.

Alright I'm about to leave for Tampa for Spring Training. I'll have some posts from down there, as well as an addition to this one since my good friend Erin Andrews was at last night's game.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Alright well I realized after writing that ACC bubble talk, that I didn't want to do it over and over again. Plus what does my opinion on the bubble matter anyways. Here's who I think is in from the Big XII and Big East:

Texas A&M, Texas, Kansas, Texas Tech, Kansas State (barely)

Big East
Georgetown, Pitt, Notre Dame, Louisville, Villanova, Marquette, 'Cuse (but only if they beat GTown tonight)

- I hope everyone was able to catch that UNC-Maryland game on FSN yesterday. I realize the bigger game in terms of magnitude was Wisco-OSU and I know that game came down to the last shot, but the Terps and Heels played an awesome game. Maybe the most entertaining college basketball game I've watched all season.

Remember when DJ sucked ass and couldn't shoot?
He's a perfect example of Gary Williams, the great coach.
After being around Mich bball for a year, I've come
to appreciate him.

- I love how all the local papers in DC have been writing these puff pieces about how if you bring 36 pitchers into camp, there's bound to be a couple good ones. Mark my words, the Nationals will have the worst record in the National League, if not in baseball. Winning baseball games is all about your starting pitching and the Nats have none.

- There was an article in the Ann Arbor News yesterday about Bill Martin and the intense scrutiny he is under with how the football team finished and with how bad Michigan's men's and women's basketball teams are. Here's what he has to say about it:

"What do I expect from my coaches?'' Martin asked. "I expect we'll be routinely in the top echelon of our conference, the top three, and banging on the national door and winning Big Ten championships. Now, obviously you can't be up all the time. Everything goes in cycles."

- That fight between the Sabres and Sens was good, but not "Shields wants Snow" good (I think only Graham will understand this.

- Michigan hockey — haven't talked about them much lately — finished second in the CCHA with a split against Ohio State this past weekend. CCHA playoffs start next week with the Wolverines getting a bye. This team looks all too familiar to last year's squad although Billy Sauer has been much better between the pipes recently. Hopefully they'll get placed in the Grand Rapids regional so I can go to the NCAA Tournament again.

- Michigan basketball...two big home games this week against Michigan State and Ohio State. This team is totally different at home than they are on the road. Can they win both? Yes. Will they win both? Not a chance. Will they beat Michigan State? Not likely. WIll they beat Ohio State? Possibly, but again not likely.

Lester "Can someone please tell him getting cuffed
and processed means you were arrested" Abram

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bubble Time

With the NCAA Tournament approaching quickly (only 2 weeks until Selection Sunday) I figured I would do a few posts over the next couple days detailing the chances of teams in college basketball. Over the next few days, since I have a lot of time on my hands before I head to Tampa for Spring Training, we'll see if I can go over each team that has a legitimate shot at making the Big Dance. Today we'll start with the ACC.

North Carolina
Ummm, yeah they're in. The question is will they be a number one seed. When it comes down to it though, I really hate freshman point guards in crunch time (Tywon Lawson). They've got at Maryland, at Georgia Tech and Duke at home left. I really can't see them losing more than one of those games.

After that scare a few weeks ago, I think it's safe to say they are in. In fact, they might rise as high as a 2 or 3 seed when all is said and done. They just beat St. John's and have Maryland and UNC to end the season. Don't see them making it further than the Sweet 16 though.

Had to have a Duke picture

Where did this team come from? They've got Va Tech at home and a visit to Wake left, both winnable games, that will put them at 21-wins. It just goes to show what a new arena does for you. Even with a major collapse I think they've done enough to be in the 65-team field.

Virginia Tech
They've got so many quality wins and a few ugly losses. But I think that win over BC this past week put them in for good. They are definitely a sleeper team when you are filling out your bracket. Hokies present so many matchup problems.

I think everyone knows that they started 17-0 and are now 19-9 (I feel like I heard that stat 80 times this past week). They've got Miami at home and Va Tech on the road. I'm pretty sure if they lose either of those they are done. And even if they win out they are definitely going to have win one, and maybe two games in the ACC Tourny. I just don't see them doing that, and I don't even see them winning at VaTech.

Boston College
BC looked like a lock a couple weeks ago, then went to the bubble after a few losses in a row, and I think they went back to a lock after getting that win over Clemson yesterday. They're in but they have first-round loss written all over them.

Florida State
All they have left is a game against Miami which they have to win. They've got some quality W's over Florida, VaTech and MD but those five losses in a row that just ended will probably doom them. Barring a run to the ACC Tourny finals, I just don't see Leonard Hamilton (could he go down as the worst Bullets/Wizards coach ever?) making it.

People have been giving gary crap for not making the tournament, but like I told Matt the other day, you cannot take a national championship-winning coach for granted. You don't know how far your program will drop with a shitty coach. Oh yeah by the way Terps are in after some shakiness mid-season. That Michigan State win early in the season went from good to meh to good over the course of the season.

Who is he?

Georgia Tech
Tech sits at 18 wins as I type this and they've got two games left against UNC and BC that, if they won both, would definitely put them right on the cusp. A win in the ACC Tourny would probably put them over the edge. That being said, do you see this team beating both UNC and BC. I don't. They are kind if in the same position as Michigan. Yeah they have these marquee games left, but has this team really shown anybody that they can beat an elite team? Consider them done.

Wake Forest
No way in hell. Let's not even joke they won't win the ACC Tourny. Maybe I'll get to cover an NIT game involving Big Viss.

NC State
Nope. Rematch of the century at Madison Square Garden: Michigan vs. NC State with an NIT title on the line. Imagine the ratings possibilities.

I spit on their existence.

So that means I've got six teams coming out of the ACC. Some have said 8 or even 9 but that would mean some of these bubble teams would have to win in the ACC Tourny. And with how loaded this conference is this season, I just don't think the bubble teams will be able to win a bunch of games in a row like that.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blow up in Champaign

It's over.
That's what we can take from last night's game in Champaign.
Michigan's chances at making the tournament: over
Chief Illiniwek: Done
My anger at a person: Blown Up

But it was one helluva memorable road trip. Yes, I do realize the Wolverines put up a dismal 42 points, but let me tell you that dance by Chief Illiniwek was awesome, if not insanely racist. Every Illinois fan was so into it, everyone was wearing Save the Chief shirts — including the players — and when the Chief was done almost three-fourths of the arena put on black shirts to show how upset they were at the decision to end Chief Illiniwek. Did I mention that Assembly Hall in Illinois is probably the best atmosphere I've ever been a part of?

As the camera focused in on him
for one final salute, you could see
the dork who dresses up crying.

The only problem I had with the place came after the game. Following Tommy Amaker's press conference the Wolverines locker room is opened to the media for questioning. Well, myself and the other Daily writer I was with got lost on the way there. When we finally got to where we thought we were supposed to go this security guard, who as you will find out later will live in infamy, told us we couldn't go down that particular hallway. He then told us we had to go upstairs and walk around. We followed his directions, thinking he was a sane worker for Illinois. BUt when we went upstairs the media people told us "No you were at the right place just keep on walking down that hallway." So we returned to this security guard only to have him tell us again we were going in the wrong direction. From here I will re-enact the scene as best as I can:

Me: Listen, we are part of the media, we need to get to the Michigan locker room to do interviews.
Security Guard: Well I'm sorry you can;t go this way. The locker room isnt here.
Me: They told us upstairs it is, we need to go to the locker room, we have a deadline and stories to write.
SG: I'm sorry you're out of luck
(From there I just started walking down the hallway, completely disregarding the security guard.)
SG: Security!! Stop that man
(3 huge dudes pop out and block me from going down the hallway)
Me: Listen I write for the Michigan Daily, the student newspaper at Michigan. We need to interview the players. They open up the locker room every game for the media and we need to talk to them right away because we have a deadline.
SG: I'm sorry but you can't get into the Illinois locker room. It's closed off
Me: I don't want to go to the Illinois locker room. I need to go to the Michigan locker room.
SG: Oh you need to go to Michigan. Well here you need to go upstairs, hop in your car, take I-74 East to 57...
Me: Fuck you jackass. Fuck you. Fuck you asshole (I storm off back upstairs after this and pass by numerous cheerleaders and random fans who are looking at me in shock. THe security guard is shellshocked at first).
SG: Son, you aren't leaving this building unless its in handcuffs.
(I turn around as I reach stairs)
Me: Fuck you, you unprofessional fuck

I then went upstairs and found the nearest Illinois media person and asked them to please take me to the Michigan locker room. I had to interupt Bruce Weber's press conference to do so, he was in the middle of talking and looked at me like I was an idiot. But whatever, this lady leads me back down the stairs to the exact place where I was arguing with the security guard. As we pass him and go down the original hallway that I wanted to go down, I simply glared. This security guar didn't let us go down a hallway when the Michigan locker room was literally another 30 feet away. An unbelievable encounter. I don't think I had blown up like that in years.

Still a sweet arena.
that's the chief at halfcourt

Monday, February 19, 2007

Don't sell your soul to white people

I randomly stumbled upon the new Ludacris video featuring Mary J Blige today. It's an okay song called "Runaway Love", good chorus, decent rapping, you know, just typical Ludacris. The lyrics are basically a social commentary courtesy of the man who was born with the name Chris Bridges. And it got me thinking: how am I supposed to take this guy seriously? Here's a rapper who made his name by saying he would "lick lick lick lick you from your heads to your toes" and how he had "ho's in different area codes", as well as telling females to "move bitch get out the way". And now I'm supposed to listen to him as he describes the plight of women in society today. All of a sudden this dude thinks because he cut his cornrows, played a thug in "Crash" and won on a Grammy last week he can tell me what's wrong with society. In fact I'm willing to go out on a limb and say this guy has more sex with innocent white girls than Champ Bailey (who for those of you who don't know, pounded a tri delt last year during Super Bowl week — his limo is caught on camera).I guarantee you all of these changes in Luda are manufactured i.e some white PR guy is telling him how to make other white people like him. And by attempting to sound intelligent, he is doing just that. What I'm trying to say is that I miss the old Ludacris, the real Ludacris. I don't want to see Chris Bridges. I want the Ludacris who gave us this little truth nugget that I think we can all follow as we progress through life:

"I bang cock in Bangkok
Can't stop, I turn and hit the same spot
Think not, I'm the thrilla in Manilla,
Schlong in Hong Kong
Pimp em like vision, magic Don Juan
Man after Henny with a coke and a smile
I just pick up the muthafuckin phone and dial
I got my condoms in a big-ass-sack
I'm slaggin this dick like a New Jack, biatch"

Bring back the realness Luda

Friday, February 16, 2007

Tommy's job safe?

To my utter dismay there are reports surfacing from people within the Michigan athletic department saying Tommy Amaker's job is in fact safe no matter how the team finishes this season. Apparently this directive is not even coming from AD Bill Martin. Rumors say Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman has put her foot down in support of Tommy. She apparently "likes the image that he portrays for this University" and "likes the Amaker family". So it looks like we have to deal with atleast another year if Turtleneck Tommy.

My problem with this whole situation is this ridiculous claim about Mary Sue being concerned with image. If she were so consumed with this UNiversity looking good, she wouldn't allow them to play in the atrocity that is Crisler Arena. For being "the champions of the west", Michigan plays in a pretty shitty arena. I seriously risk my life simply plugging my laptop in on press row because there aren't any surge protectors. The Wolverines are one of only two teams in the Big Ten without their own practice facility. Out of all the arenas I've been to this year, Crisler is by far the worst. Yet when it comes to her coaches, Mary Sue is concerned with image. It doesn't hurt Tommy that he's an eloquent African American. But what Coleman is forgetting is that in the world that we live in, race shouldn't matter anymore. Tommy is a BAD coach and needs to be replaced. It doesn't matter what color his skin is. I don't care what the race of our basketball coach is; he can be white, black, Asian, Indian, I really don't give a rat's ass. I just want a respectable basketball team that plays up to its capabilities. And like Dick Vitale always says, "In the end college basketball comes down to wins and losses". It just bothers me that the president of a major univeristy is so consumed with image that she doesn't even realize how bad it looks when our basketball team scores 44 POINTS on national television. That's inexcusable for a school like Michigan.

I wonder if she's ever gotten leadership advice
from Dubbya

If you really want to hear more qualms I have with the worst university president in recent memory (ask about how she has promised to try and violate Michigan laws that were set in place through voter referendum) I'll be more than happy to go on a long ass rant.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Marty gets the shaft

Does anyone else think the Chargers are going to regret their decision? Because I sure as hell do. You just won 14 games and you fired your coach. You don't fire someone like Marty Schottenheimer after he won 14 games unless you convince god damn Vince Lombardi to awaken from the dead by offering like 15 million or something. I just can't believe how ridiculous that entire franchise looks right now. Hearing that Dean Spanos guy talk, I thought to myself "Who is the owner of this team and why does he let this man speak in public?". I really don't think the Chargers understand how hard it is to win 14 games. You don't mess with that, you really don't. Coming from a fan of a team that already let Marty walk, you are going to regret this. Granted Marty only won 8 games in DC, but after he got everyone on the same program the Skins were rolling. If Marty had stayed another year, I was fairly certain the Skins were going to make the playoffs.

So what makes this all the more worse of a decision is that Marty had gotten to the point with this talented Chargers roster, where they had bought into his program and respected the man as their coach. Listen to what Ladainian and Philip Rivers said to the media today. They are genuinely going to miss having this guy as their coach. This AJ Smith character just made the pressure on his job a lot higher because if he messes up now, it's definitely going to be his ass. And it sucks for Marty, a coach who I've always liked because of that one season in DC. He's at the age where I think any NFL is going to be more than skeptical about hiring him on, given the fact that he can't coach that much longer. But hey atleast I have a team to root against, nothing against the players, but I can't wait to watch the demise of the San Diego Chargers next season. I would pay to sit through a Chargers loss with Marty next season.

Who would win in a fight?
Dean Spanos or Marty

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Gilbert, the Wiz, Barry Larkin and more

I have had one helluva couple weeks here, and I'm really not sure how I made it through it...but I did. It started with the Manny Harris-Alex Legion piece which has received some local media attention. Apparently 1130, the local sports talk radio station in Ann Arbor was actually considering giving me a call to talk Michigan hoops. But alas, they thought better of it, and I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad about it. But now that exams/school are over for the time being, I can blog like never before.

I wanted to start out talking about the Wizards. They've been slippin' and slidin' since Antawn went down with a knee sprain. I'm going to be honest, I really thought they would keep on rolling given the fact that everytime Gilbert faces some form of adversity he responds in a big way. But I think his little outburst after that dreadful Portland loss shows that he isn't quite ready for primetime yet. We have to remember the guy is just 25 years old and is being thrust as the face of a franchise. I hope he learns something from this, because in the past when he had little outbursts nobody outside DC gave a shit. But now that he has transformed himself into a big time star in this league, his every quote, every move will be dissected. According to reports him and Eddie Jordan have worked things out, and are "on the same page again". Let's just hope they get a nice win over the woeful Sixers in a couple nights, so we can head into the All-Star break on a good note.

C'mon fellas: Let's be friends

I didn't get a chance to blog about it right after it happened, but on Saturday night at halftime of the MInnesota game, I got the opportunity to talk at length with former MIchigan and Cincinnati Red shortstop Barry Larkin. He was being inducted into the MIchigan Hall of Honor. And yes I asked him the requisite questions about how awesome it is to be in the Michigan Hall of Honor, but I was more concerned with his thoughts on the Nationals. If you don't know, Larkin is a special assistant to the GM for the Natties. Here are some of his thoughts on the upcoming season:

When I asked him what he thought the team would do: "Don't get me wrong, this is going to be a rebuilding season. We are just like the Braves from the late 80s. We need to build from within before we make any drastic moves"

On new manager Manny Acta: "Manny is more of a guy the front office can mold. Frank wasn't going to change his ways, whereas Stan (Kasten) can start fresh with Manny given the fact he is a first-time manager."

On Zimmerman: "Man, Zim is one of those heady guys. He just knows what to do. I really don't expect any type of sophomore slump because he just has something about him that makes it impossible for me to think he is going to anything but what he did last year."

On Kory Casto: "He's definitely got a shot to start in left field, but his defense is suspect because he used to be a third baseman"

On the pitching: "We'll see, hopefully a couple of those guys will show us something. I really can't say much more than that because I think the entire organization is taking a wait and see once we get down to Florida approach."

Talked to him for like 15 minutes. A really nice guy

Basically I got the sense from Larkin that this is going to be a tough year. He had no problems with saying that. He echoed everything I've heard coming from the mouth of Stan Kasten. If you haven't read it yet, check out today's Tom Boswell column in the Washington Post. He gives some insight into what to expect and how this year's Nats compare with those late 80s Braves teams.

Also wanted to comment on tonight's HUGE Michigan-Michigan State game in East lansing tonight. I'm actually not going, but I will most certainly be watching on TV. Anyone who is picking Michigan to win this game is pretty stupid. State is coming off four-straight losses and they've had 5 days to stew about it. And lest we forget, this isn't a Tommy Amaker coached team. You can be sure Tom Izzo is going to have those guys fired up and ready to kick some ass. At yesterday's press conference Dion Harris admitted as much saying, "There's no way those guys are going to come out firing at anything but high cylinders." Also at yesterday's presser, I asked Tommy Amaker if he thought there were any breakdowns in the defense given the fact that they allowed the second-worst offensive team in the Big Ten (Minnesota) to score 80 points and shoot over 50 percent from the floor. He answered with a "Minnesota's offense is very underrated especially now that Spencer Tollackson is back. By no means are they a bad offensive team." Although I wasn't happy with the answer he gave me, I atleast believed that is what he believes. But then 15 minutes later someone asks "What do you guys need to improve upon?" And of course he answered "Well looking back on Saturday's game I think it's clear our defense needs to get better." To say I was pissed would be an understatement. But atleast Michael Rosenberg made fun of this contradiction in his column appearing in today's Detroit Free Press.

But yesterday's press conference was not all depressing. I was talking to one of the assistant coaches who I've gotten to know because of the Manny Harris investigating I did. And with Michigan State coming up tonight, I asked if they were going to let Amadou Ba come. If you don't know, Amadous was a bench warmer on last year's team, and at the Breslin Center he was confronted by a fan, and he promptly shoved the guy onto the ground. A big deal was made of it and Ba was suspended for two games. Well here's what the assistant coach said:

"They made us suspend him for two games, but it probably would have been a better penalty if they made us start him in those two."

He literally comes to every home game
and a lot of the away ones too. I really
don't think he has much of a life.


I know the Wizards are in a rough patch, what with Gil calling out Eddie Jordan. Unfortunately it's midterm time and I just have no time or energy to post something long. I'll definitely have something in the next couple days. So for now you'll have to live with this. I found this online — it's a quote from Gilbert Arenas about what he would make his shoe commercial if he had his choice:

"You know how I always throw my jersey into the stands after a game? In Washington, they just go crazy for it. So in this commercial, that's what I'm gonna do with my shoes. I've just hit a game winner, and I throw these shoes. Everyone starts to react, and you see everything in slow motion. Everyone's pushing, shoving, doing whatever it takes to try to get to these shoes. People from the 400 level, they're jumping off the ledge, they're missing the pile, hitting nothing but chairs, and you can just see in people's faces like, Ooooh, that hurt. While all this stuff's going on, one of the shoes pops out of the crowd, and a little girl gets it and she takes off. A couple of people see she has it, and they start chasing her, and she's looking back running—and then she gets clotheslined by a kid in a wheelchair. So he picks the shoe up and says—he's gonna have the only line in there—"They said I couldn't get it. Heh. Impossible is nothing." And then he rolls off."

Absolute ridiculousness

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Through the eyes of Randy

So I just got back from one of the most mind boggling road trips of my life. We went to see Oden and the Buckeyes take on Michigan, let me tell you, I barely even made it to Columbus. On the way there our car hit a patch of black ice, and we proceeded to swerve onto the grass median and nearly onto the other side of the highway. I was like one second away from bailing from the car. For the second time in a little over a year I saw my life flash in front of me. The bad conditions were due to this big storm that hit Columbus yesterday, dropping like 5-6 inches of snow in a matter of 2 hours. A drive that normally takes 2 and a half hours took like 5. And instead of going back to Ann Arbor after the game we were forced to stay at a Red Roof Inn near Value City Arena. But there were definitely some interesting parts of the trip. Last night while boozing in Columbus I traded the Detroit News writer Alex Legion's phone number for Jay Bilas and Dickie V's numbers. I have a bad feeling I might make a blackout mistake with them but whatever. Continue reading if you want to know abou my convo with Erin Andrews of ESPN. I had a feature in Monday's paper about Legion, Harris and just the general direction of Michigan basketball. From what I've heard back, it seems like it was a success. Check it out on if you haven't read it yet.

But the real reason behind this post is a running diary I had on instant messenger with Randy during the first half of the game. Definitely some hilarious stuff (by the way I'm bluedevils2001, but if you didn't know that it means I don't know you, in which case I'm surprised), so without further adieu here it is:

bluedevils2001 (7:19:46 PM): im watching if ure durant -oden theory is correct in person tonight
bluedevils2001 (7:19:59 PM): in person oden makes everyone look like a midget
phree560 (7:20:13 PM): this will actually be a decent test cause mich has some long guys inside
phree560 (7:20:20 PM): do you get to meet him/
bluedevils2001 (7:20:30 PM): not yet after the game i'll try to talk to him
bluedevils2001 (7:20:41 PM): i just got here cuz theres a fuckin blizzard in columbus
phree560 (7:20:58 PM): it's gotta be awfullll in the midwest right now
bluedevils2001 (7:21:25 PM): yup
bluedevils2001 (7:21:27 PM): freezing
bluedevils2001 (7:21:37 PM): r u watchin the game on tv?
phree560 (7:21:43 PM): durant's a real interesting case
phree560 (7:21:55 PM): didn't even know it was it right now
phree560 (7:22:02 PM): got a comp at the game?
bluedevils2001 (7:22:30 PM): im behind the michigan basketball press row
bluedevils2001 (7:22:41 PM): right near erin andrews actually
phree560 (7:22:54 PM): butler and conley are nasty
phree560 (7:23:00 PM): how hot's erin?
phree560 (7:23:11 PM): yo next blog...running convo of this game, you and me
bluedevils2001 (7:23:30 PM): agrred
bluedevils2001 (7:23:33 PM): keep it goin
bluedevils2001 (7:24:11 PM): shes got a ton of makeup on
phree560 (7:24:17 PM): so my durant thought, you see the game last night?
bluedevils2001 (7:24:29 PM): some of it
bluedevils2001 (7:24:40 PM): it's I week so i didnt catch all of it
bluedevils2001 (7:24:58 PM): i cant believe mich is beating this press so easily...with a white guy at point no less
phree560 (7:25:29 PM): they've missed the white pg's in the last couple years
phree560 (7:25:34 PM): no travis conlin's
bluedevils2001 (7:25:45 PM): haha
bluedevils2001 (7:26:00 PM): this arena is like barely half full cuz of the snow
phree560 (7:26:36 PM): and cause it's osu, so everyone's burning couches to keep warm
bluedevils2001 (7:27:12 PM): i think amaker actually did some coaching over the weekend and put in some new plays...therea actually screening and curling and stuff
bluedevils2001 (7:27:24 PM): not just petway holding the ball 30 feet from the basket anymore
phree560 (7:27:44 PM): why don't u want the ball in ur best ballhandler/shooter/passer's hand
bluedevils2001 (7:28:05 PM): because that would make sense...thats not tommy amaker coaching philosophy
phree560 (7:28:11 PM): he puts in and offense versus team's they can't beat...then does nothing for iowa
phree560 (7:28:37 PM): does oden look 45 in person?
bluedevils2001 (7:29:28 PM): yes...look at how small dehawn sims looks compared to him
bluedevils2001 (7:29:42 PM): now udoh that guy is gonna be awesome
phree560 (7:30:08 PM): just wait for pittman or wells to break a 70 yarder
phree560 (7:30:14 PM): shit wrong sport

The whole arena chanted "Just like Football"

bluedevils2001 (7:30:57 PM): they are playing jevohn shepherd despite the fact he hasnt played since they were playing eastern illinois
bluedevils2001 (7:31:12 PM): hes canadian btw
bluedevils2001 (7:31:18 PM): and his name isnt steve nash
phree560 (7:31:23 PM): there has to be tribe missing it's cheif somewhere in africa with oden at center
phree560 (7:32:09 PM): udoh does look nice
bluedevils2001 (7:32:35 PM): it looks like hes on his own gulliver's travels playing college bball
phree560 (7:32:45 PM): like will ferrell in elf

He likes Richard Pryor?

bluedevils2001 (7:33:32 PM): one more year under tommy and udoh will be sabotaged...remember lester and dion?
phree560 (7:34:10 PM): lavell blanchard was the #1 player in the country
phree560 (7:35:07 PM): btw, good article about the recruits...but there's no excuse for tommy still being there
bluedevils2001 (7:35:14 PM): on the way here we like spun out of control went across the median almost onto other side of highway
bluedevils2001 (7:35:24 PM): i saw my life flash in front of me
phree560 (7:35:31 PM): pretty pathetic?
bluedevils2001 (7:35:40 PM): did u know the other shchools reed baker got offers from?
bluedevils2001 (7:35:49 PM): the citadel and georgia souther
bluedevils2001 (7:35:53 PM): n
phree560 (7:36:14 PM): same as oden and conly
phree560 (7:36:16 PM): hahaha
phree560 (7:36:31 PM): wow
phree560 (7:36:32 PM): wow
phree560 (7:37:58 PM): baker shouldnt ever have his warm up's off
bluedevils2001 (7:38:22 PM): no he should only play against a zone kid is lights out form 3 point range
phree560 (7:38:47 PM): ok, which is to say he shouldn't see the court vs, osu
bluedevils2001 (7:40:08 PM): yes i would agree with that
bluedevils2001 (7:40:31 PM): jerret smith didnt make the trip though
bluedevils2001 (7:40:47 PM): so hes pretty much their only other guard besides dion
phree560 (7:40:52 PM): good to see dion can still take over a game too
phree560 (7:40:54 PM): ehhh
bluedevils2001 (7:41:09 PM): im not gonna lie a pretty solid showing considering how bad this team is
bluedevils2001 (7:41:11 PM): down 4
bluedevils2001 (7:41:24 PM): osu will blow it open at the 17 minute mark...iim calling it now
phree560 (7:41:34 PM): thad matta's wearing a rainbow tie
bluedevils2001 (7:42:00 PM): i wanna go say hi to musberger and lavin
bluedevils2001 (7:42:07 PM): i wonder if i can get to them
bluedevils2001 (7:42:20 PM): oh jackpot...they've got trampoline dunk guys for the halftime show
phree560 (7:42:37 PM): I was gonna say, go talk to brent
phree560 (7:42:47 PM): he secretly hates mich
bluedevils2001 (7:42:56 PM): hes kinda far away from me...espn gets to sit midcourt
bluedevils2001 (7:43:10 PM): lavins flirting with erion andrews
phree560 (7:43:17 PM): i'd rap to erin if I were you
phree560 (7:43:25 PM): damn, u vs. lavin for a chick...

Can we really take this guy seriously?
I think most of us know what he did at
that coming home party in June

bluedevils2001 (7:43:47 PM): dude shes got some huge tits
bluedevils2001 (7:44:00 PM): the daily writer next to me "and that ass"
phree560 (7:44:05 PM): haha
phree560 (7:44:15 PM): yo, you got an in, I'd rap a bit
bluedevils2001 (7:44:38 PM): what should i rap?
bluedevils2001 (7:44:53 PM): mo money mo problems...i think thats the only rap i know
phree560 (7:44:59 PM): not rhyme, rap
phree560 (7:45:02 PM): like hit on her
phree560 (7:45:05 PM): asshole
bluedevils2001 (7:45:12 PM): oh i dont get ure philly lingo
phree560 (7:45:43 PM): "Hi, I'm from Michigan, I write for the paper up there. I really like your work."
phree560 (7:45:46 PM): and ur ass
phree560 (7:45:48 PM): and ur tits
phree560 (7:45:51 PM): and ur face
bluedevils2001 (7:46:30 PM): hold gonna go down and ask her where shes staying tonight
phree560 (7:46:49 PM): please do
bluedevils2001 (7:48:36 PM): OH MY GOD! I just got rejected by erin andrews
phree560 (7:48:56 PM): hahahaha
phree560 (7:49:00 PM): what'd she say
bluedevils2001 (7:49:25 PM): Me: Hey I'm from the Michigan Daily I really love ure work
bluedevils2001 (7:49:40 PM): EA: oh thanks, whats ure name?
bluedevils2001 (7:49:44 PM): Me: Mark
bluedevils2001 (7:50:14 PM): Me: What do u guys do after the game because with the snow we're staying overnight
bluedevils2001 (7:50:40 PM): Her: That isnt very professional...(walks away)
phree560 (7:50:49 PM): ahhhhhhhhhhh
bluedevils2001 (7:50:53 PM): i guess she gets it a lot
phree560 (7:50:55 PM): that's fuckin awesome
bluedevils2001 (7:51:11 PM): now i hope she doesnt see me the rest of time
phree560 (7:51:40 PM): I mean, maybe she'll warm up to it
bluedevils2001 (7:51:55 PM): i cant believe i let u talk me into that
phree560 (7:52:17 PM): that's just our relationship I guess
bluedevils2001 (7:52:29 PM): yeah i guess so
phree560 (7:52:33 PM): yo, you have to admit, that's gonna be the highlight of ur trip
bluedevils2001 (7:52:55 PM): i mean it'll probably be the first thing i tell everyone when i get back
phree560 (7:53:05 PM): exactly

Atleast she thought I was professional before.

bluedevils2001 (7:54:47 PM): just warning u im gonna have to end the running diary before the game ends cuz i got a deadline i gotta beat so i need to write some
phree560 (7:55:09 PM): nah, it's cool, I gotta hit up dinner...let's do it a different time
bluedevils2001 (7:55:29 PM): alright cool...i'll post this later tonight
bluedevils2001 (7:55:34 PM): it's good stuff
phree560 (7:55:42 PM): haha, only if you want man
bluedevils2001 (7:56:16 PM): alright i'll ttyl
bluedevils2001 (7:56:29 PM): btw...perfect replacement for tommy....mike montgomery

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Some Football Thoughts

Well you got to give credit to ol' Peyton. He finally did it. I think we can all agree that if that guy were to stop playing football tomorrow he would most definitely be a Hall of Fame QB. He's been that good for that long. And honestly, if he keeps on playing the caliber of football he's been playing thus far in his career, he has a legitimate shot at going down as the greatest QB of all time. For the Bears fans, well, I think the countdown to when Chitown signs a new QB to challenege Grossman in camp will begin immediately. You really can't fault the Bears defense given the amount of time they spent on the field and the great field position the Colts got time and time again due to SexyRexy mistakes. I don't know if anyone remembers my Jeff Garcia post from a few weeks ago, but I'm sensing Garcia getting an offer from Chitown.

But now I'd like to move onto something that has bothered me since the Hall of Fame inductees were announced the other day. How in the hell does a guy like Art Monk keep getting bypassed year after year. When his career ended, he was the leader in all time receptions. He also went the most consecutive games with atleast one catch. People seem to judge his longevity as a weakness because they feel his stats are padded due to all the years he played. BUt I say that longevity is a testament to how good of a player he was. The man had 940 receptions over his 16 year career. That's 60 catches a year in the 80s when teams simply didn't throw the ball as much. I'd argue that he was the best wide receiever in the 80s this side of Jerry Rice. He was named to the All Decade team in the 1980s. I realize the argument that Michael irvin had way better statistics, but c'mon he had Troy Aikman throwing to him his entire career. Monk had a collection of journeyman who simply filled the void on teams that were so well-coached by Joe Gibbs. Seriously, what's a guy have to do to get some recognition around here?

The Glory Days: Art Monk

Thursday, February 01, 2007

ROJO a no go

Right off the bat I have to comment on that Iowa loss. It was definitely the lowest of the lows for this Michigan team. They definitely shouldn't have lost that game. The only good thing about it is that I probably won't talk about them anymore considering the season is officially over. Until I begin to comprehend how a team with so much talent plays so poorly, then I'll talk about it again.

I'm figuring most people heard the bad news on the football recruiting front. Ronald Johnson from Muskegon, Michigan was a huge must for the Wolverines in football. The kid was just what we needed in the secondary. And it looks like he's going to sign with Florida. Apparently his mom got in a disagreement with the high school coach who had been advocating Michigan. Johnson apparently still wants to come to Michigan because he verballed here last spring. But the disagreement between his mom and the other coach is likely going to prevent that. Johnson, who has until Feb. 4 to make a decision, was supposed to meet with all 5 head coaches who were finalists for his services. But Johnson's mom's boyfriend allegedly called the Michigan coaching staff to alert them that there was no need for Carr to come because a decision had already been made. Rumors have him going to the Gators, but he hasn't made an official announcement. This kid was legit, 4.3 speed and would have started out as a CB but had the potential to play WR as well. A huge loss on the recruiting front for Carr.

Bad day for Michigan

My mood was brightened when I visited Gilbert Arenas' blog because he had a new post. It was absolute solid gold this time. Maybe the funniest post I've read in a long time. Here's some of it:

"I’ve been practicing for the last two weeks for my three-point competition. I have to bring that trophy home. I have to.
I’ve been making bets around the team because there’s a couple guys on this team that said they’re better shooters from the college three-point line than me. One of them, Roger Mason, what he did was reasonable. He made 81 out of 100 from the college three. You know, I went and I don’t know how many I would have made out of 100. I stopped at 82 and walked out of the gym. So I won that bet, but we wasn’t betting for money (wink, wink). I blew him out. He was like a high school player compared to my shooting. I told him needs to shoot at least 10,000 more shots to compete with me. I even shot a couple one-handed. I shot the last three to win it with one hand. He was disappointed. Actually, he was really upset because I was bragging the whole time during it, and I’ve been bragging the last two weeks. When you do so much on a team, people don’t recognize it anymore. They want to see you fall. So the whole team was betting with him. I think because in practice the day before he was shooting from the three-point line 54-for-60 so everybody was like a big, “Oooooh, ahhhhhh” about it. All of them – Caron, DeShawn, Calvin – they was all with him. And they all got bar-bee-quuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeedd, ye-yeah! Then there was a sidekick of his, DeShawn Stevenson. I told him that I’d shoot with one-hand from college three better than he can shoot with both hands from NBA three. He really doesn’t want to make that bet. He keeps brushing it off."

If you read this blog, why not read Gil's too