Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blow up in Champaign

It's over.
That's what we can take from last night's game in Champaign.
Michigan's chances at making the tournament: over
Chief Illiniwek: Done
My anger at a person: Blown Up

But it was one helluva memorable road trip. Yes, I do realize the Wolverines put up a dismal 42 points, but let me tell you that dance by Chief Illiniwek was awesome, if not insanely racist. Every Illinois fan was so into it, everyone was wearing Save the Chief shirts — including the players — and when the Chief was done almost three-fourths of the arena put on black shirts to show how upset they were at the decision to end Chief Illiniwek. Did I mention that Assembly Hall in Illinois is probably the best atmosphere I've ever been a part of?

As the camera focused in on him
for one final salute, you could see
the dork who dresses up crying.

The only problem I had with the place came after the game. Following Tommy Amaker's press conference the Wolverines locker room is opened to the media for questioning. Well, myself and the other Daily writer I was with got lost on the way there. When we finally got to where we thought we were supposed to go this security guard, who as you will find out later will live in infamy, told us we couldn't go down that particular hallway. He then told us we had to go upstairs and walk around. We followed his directions, thinking he was a sane worker for Illinois. BUt when we went upstairs the media people told us "No you were at the right place just keep on walking down that hallway." So we returned to this security guard only to have him tell us again we were going in the wrong direction. From here I will re-enact the scene as best as I can:

Me: Listen, we are part of the media, we need to get to the Michigan locker room to do interviews.
Security Guard: Well I'm sorry you can;t go this way. The locker room isnt here.
Me: They told us upstairs it is, we need to go to the locker room, we have a deadline and stories to write.
SG: I'm sorry you're out of luck
(From there I just started walking down the hallway, completely disregarding the security guard.)
SG: Security!! Stop that man
(3 huge dudes pop out and block me from going down the hallway)
Me: Listen I write for the Michigan Daily, the student newspaper at Michigan. We need to interview the players. They open up the locker room every game for the media and we need to talk to them right away because we have a deadline.
SG: I'm sorry but you can't get into the Illinois locker room. It's closed off
Me: I don't want to go to the Illinois locker room. I need to go to the Michigan locker room.
SG: Oh you need to go to Michigan. Well here you need to go upstairs, hop in your car, take I-74 East to 57...
Me: Fuck you jackass. Fuck you. Fuck you asshole (I storm off back upstairs after this and pass by numerous cheerleaders and random fans who are looking at me in shock. THe security guard is shellshocked at first).
SG: Son, you aren't leaving this building unless its in handcuffs.
(I turn around as I reach stairs)
Me: Fuck you, you unprofessional fuck

I then went upstairs and found the nearest Illinois media person and asked them to please take me to the Michigan locker room. I had to interupt Bruce Weber's press conference to do so, he was in the middle of talking and looked at me like I was an idiot. But whatever, this lady leads me back down the stairs to the exact place where I was arguing with the security guard. As we pass him and go down the original hallway that I wanted to go down, I simply glared. This security guar didn't let us go down a hallway when the Michigan locker room was literally another 30 feet away. An unbelievable encounter. I don't think I had blown up like that in years.

Still a sweet arena.
that's the chief at halfcourt

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