Monday, February 26, 2007


Alright well I realized after writing that ACC bubble talk, that I didn't want to do it over and over again. Plus what does my opinion on the bubble matter anyways. Here's who I think is in from the Big XII and Big East:

Texas A&M, Texas, Kansas, Texas Tech, Kansas State (barely)

Big East
Georgetown, Pitt, Notre Dame, Louisville, Villanova, Marquette, 'Cuse (but only if they beat GTown tonight)

- I hope everyone was able to catch that UNC-Maryland game on FSN yesterday. I realize the bigger game in terms of magnitude was Wisco-OSU and I know that game came down to the last shot, but the Terps and Heels played an awesome game. Maybe the most entertaining college basketball game I've watched all season.

Remember when DJ sucked ass and couldn't shoot?
He's a perfect example of Gary Williams, the great coach.
After being around Mich bball for a year, I've come
to appreciate him.

- I love how all the local papers in DC have been writing these puff pieces about how if you bring 36 pitchers into camp, there's bound to be a couple good ones. Mark my words, the Nationals will have the worst record in the National League, if not in baseball. Winning baseball games is all about your starting pitching and the Nats have none.

- There was an article in the Ann Arbor News yesterday about Bill Martin and the intense scrutiny he is under with how the football team finished and with how bad Michigan's men's and women's basketball teams are. Here's what he has to say about it:

"What do I expect from my coaches?'' Martin asked. "I expect we'll be routinely in the top echelon of our conference, the top three, and banging on the national door and winning Big Ten championships. Now, obviously you can't be up all the time. Everything goes in cycles."

- That fight between the Sabres and Sens was good, but not "Shields wants Snow" good (I think only Graham will understand this.

- Michigan hockey — haven't talked about them much lately — finished second in the CCHA with a split against Ohio State this past weekend. CCHA playoffs start next week with the Wolverines getting a bye. This team looks all too familiar to last year's squad although Billy Sauer has been much better between the pipes recently. Hopefully they'll get placed in the Grand Rapids regional so I can go to the NCAA Tournament again.

- Michigan basketball...two big home games this week against Michigan State and Ohio State. This team is totally different at home than they are on the road. Can they win both? Yes. Will they win both? Not a chance. Will they beat Michigan State? Not likely. WIll they beat Ohio State? Possibly, but again not likely.

Lester "Can someone please tell him getting cuffed
and processed means you were arrested" Abram

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Michael said...

mark, the only beef i have with your blog is you sub title "the life and times of the average college sports fan"
- after reading your recent posts and the detail they go in to i have decided that you are far from "the average college sports fan" what kind of average sports fan sexually harasses erin andrews and has player/ coach quotes in his blog entries?!?!
- you should re name the sub title "dealing with sports addiction"
I better go... im sure the wizards have "a must win game" tonight...hahaha anyway keep the posts comming, always great for putting off studying.....the pictures are a nice touch