Friday, February 16, 2007

Tommy's job safe?

To my utter dismay there are reports surfacing from people within the Michigan athletic department saying Tommy Amaker's job is in fact safe no matter how the team finishes this season. Apparently this directive is not even coming from AD Bill Martin. Rumors say Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman has put her foot down in support of Tommy. She apparently "likes the image that he portrays for this University" and "likes the Amaker family". So it looks like we have to deal with atleast another year if Turtleneck Tommy.

My problem with this whole situation is this ridiculous claim about Mary Sue being concerned with image. If she were so consumed with this UNiversity looking good, she wouldn't allow them to play in the atrocity that is Crisler Arena. For being "the champions of the west", Michigan plays in a pretty shitty arena. I seriously risk my life simply plugging my laptop in on press row because there aren't any surge protectors. The Wolverines are one of only two teams in the Big Ten without their own practice facility. Out of all the arenas I've been to this year, Crisler is by far the worst. Yet when it comes to her coaches, Mary Sue is concerned with image. It doesn't hurt Tommy that he's an eloquent African American. But what Coleman is forgetting is that in the world that we live in, race shouldn't matter anymore. Tommy is a BAD coach and needs to be replaced. It doesn't matter what color his skin is. I don't care what the race of our basketball coach is; he can be white, black, Asian, Indian, I really don't give a rat's ass. I just want a respectable basketball team that plays up to its capabilities. And like Dick Vitale always says, "In the end college basketball comes down to wins and losses". It just bothers me that the president of a major univeristy is so consumed with image that she doesn't even realize how bad it looks when our basketball team scores 44 POINTS on national television. That's inexcusable for a school like Michigan.

I wonder if she's ever gotten leadership advice
from Dubbya

If you really want to hear more qualms I have with the worst university president in recent memory (ask about how she has promised to try and violate Michigan laws that were set in place through voter referendum) I'll be more than happy to go on a long ass rant.

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