Sunday, February 04, 2007

Some Football Thoughts

Well you got to give credit to ol' Peyton. He finally did it. I think we can all agree that if that guy were to stop playing football tomorrow he would most definitely be a Hall of Fame QB. He's been that good for that long. And honestly, if he keeps on playing the caliber of football he's been playing thus far in his career, he has a legitimate shot at going down as the greatest QB of all time. For the Bears fans, well, I think the countdown to when Chitown signs a new QB to challenege Grossman in camp will begin immediately. You really can't fault the Bears defense given the amount of time they spent on the field and the great field position the Colts got time and time again due to SexyRexy mistakes. I don't know if anyone remembers my Jeff Garcia post from a few weeks ago, but I'm sensing Garcia getting an offer from Chitown.

But now I'd like to move onto something that has bothered me since the Hall of Fame inductees were announced the other day. How in the hell does a guy like Art Monk keep getting bypassed year after year. When his career ended, he was the leader in all time receptions. He also went the most consecutive games with atleast one catch. People seem to judge his longevity as a weakness because they feel his stats are padded due to all the years he played. BUt I say that longevity is a testament to how good of a player he was. The man had 940 receptions over his 16 year career. That's 60 catches a year in the 80s when teams simply didn't throw the ball as much. I'd argue that he was the best wide receiever in the 80s this side of Jerry Rice. He was named to the All Decade team in the 1980s. I realize the argument that Michael irvin had way better statistics, but c'mon he had Troy Aikman throwing to him his entire career. Monk had a collection of journeyman who simply filled the void on teams that were so well-coached by Joe Gibbs. Seriously, what's a guy have to do to get some recognition around here?

The Glory Days: Art Monk

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