Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Marty gets the shaft

Does anyone else think the Chargers are going to regret their decision? Because I sure as hell do. You just won 14 games and you fired your coach. You don't fire someone like Marty Schottenheimer after he won 14 games unless you convince god damn Vince Lombardi to awaken from the dead by offering like 15 million or something. I just can't believe how ridiculous that entire franchise looks right now. Hearing that Dean Spanos guy talk, I thought to myself "Who is the owner of this team and why does he let this man speak in public?". I really don't think the Chargers understand how hard it is to win 14 games. You don't mess with that, you really don't. Coming from a fan of a team that already let Marty walk, you are going to regret this. Granted Marty only won 8 games in DC, but after he got everyone on the same program the Skins were rolling. If Marty had stayed another year, I was fairly certain the Skins were going to make the playoffs.

So what makes this all the more worse of a decision is that Marty had gotten to the point with this talented Chargers roster, where they had bought into his program and respected the man as their coach. Listen to what Ladainian and Philip Rivers said to the media today. They are genuinely going to miss having this guy as their coach. This AJ Smith character just made the pressure on his job a lot higher because if he messes up now, it's definitely going to be his ass. And it sucks for Marty, a coach who I've always liked because of that one season in DC. He's at the age where I think any NFL is going to be more than skeptical about hiring him on, given the fact that he can't coach that much longer. But hey atleast I have a team to root against, nothing against the players, but I can't wait to watch the demise of the San Diego Chargers next season. I would pay to sit through a Chargers loss with Marty next season.

Who would win in a fight?
Dean Spanos or Marty

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