Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I know the Wizards are in a rough patch, what with Gil calling out Eddie Jordan. Unfortunately it's midterm time and I just have no time or energy to post something long. I'll definitely have something in the next couple days. So for now you'll have to live with this. I found this online — it's a quote from Gilbert Arenas about what he would make his shoe commercial if he had his choice:

"You know how I always throw my jersey into the stands after a game? In Washington, they just go crazy for it. So in this commercial, that's what I'm gonna do with my shoes. I've just hit a game winner, and I throw these shoes. Everyone starts to react, and you see everything in slow motion. Everyone's pushing, shoving, doing whatever it takes to try to get to these shoes. People from the 400 level, they're jumping off the ledge, they're missing the pile, hitting nothing but chairs, and you can just see in people's faces like, Ooooh, that hurt. While all this stuff's going on, one of the shoes pops out of the crowd, and a little girl gets it and she takes off. A couple of people see she has it, and they start chasing her, and she's looking back running—and then she gets clotheslined by a kid in a wheelchair. So he picks the shoe up and says—he's gonna have the only line in there—"They said I couldn't get it. Heh. Impossible is nothing." And then he rolls off."

Absolute ridiculousness

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