Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Through the eyes of Randy

So I just got back from one of the most mind boggling road trips of my life. We went to see Oden and the Buckeyes take on Michigan, let me tell you, I barely even made it to Columbus. On the way there our car hit a patch of black ice, and we proceeded to swerve onto the grass median and nearly onto the other side of the highway. I was like one second away from bailing from the car. For the second time in a little over a year I saw my life flash in front of me. The bad conditions were due to this big storm that hit Columbus yesterday, dropping like 5-6 inches of snow in a matter of 2 hours. A drive that normally takes 2 and a half hours took like 5. And instead of going back to Ann Arbor after the game we were forced to stay at a Red Roof Inn near Value City Arena. But there were definitely some interesting parts of the trip. Last night while boozing in Columbus I traded the Detroit News writer Alex Legion's phone number for Jay Bilas and Dickie V's numbers. I have a bad feeling I might make a blackout mistake with them but whatever. Continue reading if you want to know abou my convo with Erin Andrews of ESPN. I had a feature in Monday's paper about Legion, Harris and just the general direction of Michigan basketball. From what I've heard back, it seems like it was a success. Check it out on if you haven't read it yet.

But the real reason behind this post is a running diary I had on instant messenger with Randy during the first half of the game. Definitely some hilarious stuff (by the way I'm bluedevils2001, but if you didn't know that it means I don't know you, in which case I'm surprised), so without further adieu here it is:

bluedevils2001 (7:19:46 PM): im watching if ure durant -oden theory is correct in person tonight
bluedevils2001 (7:19:59 PM): in person oden makes everyone look like a midget
phree560 (7:20:13 PM): this will actually be a decent test cause mich has some long guys inside
phree560 (7:20:20 PM): do you get to meet him/
bluedevils2001 (7:20:30 PM): not yet after the game i'll try to talk to him
bluedevils2001 (7:20:41 PM): i just got here cuz theres a fuckin blizzard in columbus
phree560 (7:20:58 PM): it's gotta be awfullll in the midwest right now
bluedevils2001 (7:21:25 PM): yup
bluedevils2001 (7:21:27 PM): freezing
bluedevils2001 (7:21:37 PM): r u watchin the game on tv?
phree560 (7:21:43 PM): durant's a real interesting case
phree560 (7:21:55 PM): didn't even know it was it right now
phree560 (7:22:02 PM): got a comp at the game?
bluedevils2001 (7:22:30 PM): im behind the michigan basketball press row
bluedevils2001 (7:22:41 PM): right near erin andrews actually
phree560 (7:22:54 PM): butler and conley are nasty
phree560 (7:23:00 PM): how hot's erin?
phree560 (7:23:11 PM): yo next blog...running convo of this game, you and me
bluedevils2001 (7:23:30 PM): agrred
bluedevils2001 (7:23:33 PM): keep it goin
bluedevils2001 (7:24:11 PM): shes got a ton of makeup on
phree560 (7:24:17 PM): so my durant thought, you see the game last night?
bluedevils2001 (7:24:29 PM): some of it
bluedevils2001 (7:24:40 PM): it's I week so i didnt catch all of it
bluedevils2001 (7:24:58 PM): i cant believe mich is beating this press so easily...with a white guy at point no less
phree560 (7:25:29 PM): they've missed the white pg's in the last couple years
phree560 (7:25:34 PM): no travis conlin's
bluedevils2001 (7:25:45 PM): haha
bluedevils2001 (7:26:00 PM): this arena is like barely half full cuz of the snow
phree560 (7:26:36 PM): and cause it's osu, so everyone's burning couches to keep warm
bluedevils2001 (7:27:12 PM): i think amaker actually did some coaching over the weekend and put in some new plays...therea actually screening and curling and stuff
bluedevils2001 (7:27:24 PM): not just petway holding the ball 30 feet from the basket anymore
phree560 (7:27:44 PM): why don't u want the ball in ur best ballhandler/shooter/passer's hand
bluedevils2001 (7:28:05 PM): because that would make sense...thats not tommy amaker coaching philosophy
phree560 (7:28:11 PM): he puts in and offense versus team's they can't beat...then does nothing for iowa
phree560 (7:28:37 PM): does oden look 45 in person?
bluedevils2001 (7:29:28 PM): yes...look at how small dehawn sims looks compared to him
bluedevils2001 (7:29:42 PM): now udoh that guy is gonna be awesome
phree560 (7:30:08 PM): just wait for pittman or wells to break a 70 yarder
phree560 (7:30:14 PM): shit wrong sport

The whole arena chanted "Just like Football"

bluedevils2001 (7:30:57 PM): they are playing jevohn shepherd despite the fact he hasnt played since they were playing eastern illinois
bluedevils2001 (7:31:12 PM): hes canadian btw
bluedevils2001 (7:31:18 PM): and his name isnt steve nash
phree560 (7:31:23 PM): there has to be tribe missing it's cheif somewhere in africa with oden at center
phree560 (7:32:09 PM): udoh does look nice
bluedevils2001 (7:32:35 PM): it looks like hes on his own gulliver's travels playing college bball
phree560 (7:32:45 PM): like will ferrell in elf

He likes Richard Pryor?

bluedevils2001 (7:33:32 PM): one more year under tommy and udoh will be sabotaged...remember lester and dion?
phree560 (7:34:10 PM): lavell blanchard was the #1 player in the country
phree560 (7:35:07 PM): btw, good article about the recruits...but there's no excuse for tommy still being there
bluedevils2001 (7:35:14 PM): on the way here we like spun out of control went across the median almost onto other side of highway
bluedevils2001 (7:35:24 PM): i saw my life flash in front of me
phree560 (7:35:31 PM): pretty pathetic?
bluedevils2001 (7:35:40 PM): did u know the other shchools reed baker got offers from?
bluedevils2001 (7:35:49 PM): the citadel and georgia souther
bluedevils2001 (7:35:53 PM): n
phree560 (7:36:14 PM): same as oden and conly
phree560 (7:36:16 PM): hahaha
phree560 (7:36:31 PM): wow
phree560 (7:36:32 PM): wow
phree560 (7:37:58 PM): baker shouldnt ever have his warm up's off
bluedevils2001 (7:38:22 PM): no he should only play against a zone kid is lights out form 3 point range
phree560 (7:38:47 PM): ok, which is to say he shouldn't see the court vs, osu
bluedevils2001 (7:40:08 PM): yes i would agree with that
bluedevils2001 (7:40:31 PM): jerret smith didnt make the trip though
bluedevils2001 (7:40:47 PM): so hes pretty much their only other guard besides dion
phree560 (7:40:52 PM): good to see dion can still take over a game too
phree560 (7:40:54 PM): ehhh
bluedevils2001 (7:41:09 PM): im not gonna lie a pretty solid showing considering how bad this team is
bluedevils2001 (7:41:11 PM): down 4
bluedevils2001 (7:41:24 PM): osu will blow it open at the 17 minute mark...iim calling it now
phree560 (7:41:34 PM): thad matta's wearing a rainbow tie
bluedevils2001 (7:42:00 PM): i wanna go say hi to musberger and lavin
bluedevils2001 (7:42:07 PM): i wonder if i can get to them
bluedevils2001 (7:42:20 PM): oh jackpot...they've got trampoline dunk guys for the halftime show
phree560 (7:42:37 PM): I was gonna say, go talk to brent
phree560 (7:42:47 PM): he secretly hates mich
bluedevils2001 (7:42:56 PM): hes kinda far away from me...espn gets to sit midcourt
bluedevils2001 (7:43:10 PM): lavins flirting with erion andrews
phree560 (7:43:17 PM): i'd rap to erin if I were you
phree560 (7:43:25 PM): damn, u vs. lavin for a chick...

Can we really take this guy seriously?
I think most of us know what he did at
that coming home party in June

bluedevils2001 (7:43:47 PM): dude shes got some huge tits
bluedevils2001 (7:44:00 PM): the daily writer next to me "and that ass"
phree560 (7:44:05 PM): haha
phree560 (7:44:15 PM): yo, you got an in, I'd rap a bit
bluedevils2001 (7:44:38 PM): what should i rap?
bluedevils2001 (7:44:53 PM): mo money mo problems...i think thats the only rap i know
phree560 (7:44:59 PM): not rhyme, rap
phree560 (7:45:02 PM): like hit on her
phree560 (7:45:05 PM): asshole
bluedevils2001 (7:45:12 PM): oh i dont get ure philly lingo
phree560 (7:45:43 PM): "Hi, I'm from Michigan, I write for the paper up there. I really like your work."
phree560 (7:45:46 PM): and ur ass
phree560 (7:45:48 PM): and ur tits
phree560 (7:45:51 PM): and ur face
bluedevils2001 (7:46:30 PM): hold gonna go down and ask her where shes staying tonight
phree560 (7:46:49 PM): please do
bluedevils2001 (7:48:36 PM): OH MY GOD! I just got rejected by erin andrews
phree560 (7:48:56 PM): hahahaha
phree560 (7:49:00 PM): what'd she say
bluedevils2001 (7:49:25 PM): Me: Hey I'm from the Michigan Daily I really love ure work
bluedevils2001 (7:49:40 PM): EA: oh thanks, whats ure name?
bluedevils2001 (7:49:44 PM): Me: Mark
bluedevils2001 (7:50:14 PM): Me: What do u guys do after the game because with the snow we're staying overnight
bluedevils2001 (7:50:40 PM): Her: That isnt very professional...(walks away)
phree560 (7:50:49 PM): ahhhhhhhhhhh
bluedevils2001 (7:50:53 PM): i guess she gets it a lot
phree560 (7:50:55 PM): that's fuckin awesome
bluedevils2001 (7:51:11 PM): now i hope she doesnt see me the rest of time
phree560 (7:51:40 PM): I mean, maybe she'll warm up to it
bluedevils2001 (7:51:55 PM): i cant believe i let u talk me into that
phree560 (7:52:17 PM): that's just our relationship I guess
bluedevils2001 (7:52:29 PM): yeah i guess so
phree560 (7:52:33 PM): yo, you have to admit, that's gonna be the highlight of ur trip
bluedevils2001 (7:52:55 PM): i mean it'll probably be the first thing i tell everyone when i get back
phree560 (7:53:05 PM): exactly

Atleast she thought I was professional before.

bluedevils2001 (7:54:47 PM): just warning u im gonna have to end the running diary before the game ends cuz i got a deadline i gotta beat so i need to write some
phree560 (7:55:09 PM): nah, it's cool, I gotta hit up dinner...let's do it a different time
bluedevils2001 (7:55:29 PM): alright cool...i'll post this later tonight
bluedevils2001 (7:55:34 PM): it's good stuff
phree560 (7:55:42 PM): haha, only if you want man
bluedevils2001 (7:56:16 PM): alright i'll ttyl
bluedevils2001 (7:56:29 PM): btw...perfect replacement for tommy....mike montgomery

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