Friday, August 03, 2007

It's awesome that I know how to make links now

I mean seriously, it is the greatest thing to happen to this blog since I figured out how to put pictures up. But since I don't talk about Gilbert enough, he has a response to the fact that he essentially stole some comic's joke and put it on his own blog.

My question is why use Ashanti as an example of someone who stole beats? When was the last time Ashanti had anything worthwhile on the music scene. Hell, even when she was popular there wasn't anything to write home about as it concerned her musical career. I guess i have a thing against the record company formally known as Murder Inc., but you can't ignore that her and Ja Rule are essentially like those Corey guys from the '80s that were apparently really popular and now star in shows like The Surreal Life.

When I was at Rucker a few weeks back, I talked to some random dude in the crowd about Ja Rule and he agreed with me that once you mess with DMX, your career will never be the same.

And speaking of the Wiz kids, supposed star-in-waiting, Andray Blatche, got caught trying to get him some hooker action. I would include the actual story with all the gory details (basically Andray and a buddy tried to pick up a female officer), but the insider info that Ivan Carter of the Washington Post has in that post is just too good to not read...especially if you have any interest in the future of the Wizards.

And by the time you read this post, you will have realized that my prediction to Rudy Gay at Rucker last week was correct. Juan Carlos Navarro is going to the Grizz for a future first round pick.

Oh yeah. I have a new favorite softball team.

Although it's mostly my friends who read this blog, I've never publicly stated on the web my support for the cause that is the legalization of marijuana. I started hinting at it when I talked about my new favorite non-Wizard, Chris Paul. But now I'm going full throttle for the cause. Let's just hope my father doesn't know about this website because then we all know I'm going to get one of those angry phone calls again (If you were there, you know exactly what I'm talking about).

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