Friday, August 03, 2007

A man once told me to just be happy

I'm warning you now...there are going to be a whole bunch of posts over this weekend. I just moved out of NYC and into my aunt/uncle's guest room in Westfield, New Jersey (I know. Gross. They ski in their jeans here.) for a week because this Metro thing is going one more week. And to say there isn't much to do would be an understatement. So without further adieu...a little Redskins talk (and if you don't like it feel free to leave).

So about the title of this post...I've been constantly trying to nitpick about Jason Campbell and how for some reason I'm just not totally sold on him. Well, I've made a decision. I'm just going to stop. There's just no point. I mean I think we all know no matter how skeptical I am of him, I'm still predicting a division title this season.

And everything I read about him tells me he's just the guy to lead a Gibbs offense. I realize he was just 2-5 as a starter last season, but he kept the Skins in every single game he played in. The most the team lost by in his five losses was 10 points. He apparently can throw the deep ball and he's got a great safety net in Chris Cooley to throw to in the flat. And quite frankly, if the Redskins are to do anything this season, Campbell won't be throwing more than 20 times per game. Seriously I really think Clinton Portis should get 25 carries a game and Ladell should get 15. That's Hogs football and it's what made Gibbs a legend in the 80s. I know there are people out there that say times have changed, but in my heart I have a belief that the ultimate goal in the game of football is to ram the ball down the opponent's throat.

Don Banks of has a training camp postcard of the Skins and I think he makes me all warm and tingly when it comes to JC:

"The Redskins, to a man, feel like they're in a pretty low-risk situation with Campbell as their starting quarterback. In talking to Gibbs, Saunders, Moss, Brunell and offensive tackle Jon Jansen, I heard every one of them say that Campbell has done everything in his power to give himself the best possible shot at success as a No. 1. He's dedicated, intelligent, shuns the off-field distractions that can trip up a young player, and his progress in terms of his grasp of the playbook and his mechanics are described as dramatic compared to last year at this time.

"But with a young quarterback's development, nothing can substitute for experience, and Campbell only has seven starts under his belt (he was 2-5 to end last season, but with 10 touchdown passes, six picks, and a 76.5 QB rating). So we don't know everything we will know in time. But nobody in Washington believes Campbell can fail on the level of a Heath Shuler, or even prove as average as a Patrick Ramsey. Saunders told me the kid has way too much going for him from both a character and a talent standpoint for a flameout to occur.

"He won't fail, because of the type of young man he is, and the way he works and approaches the game,'' Saunders said. "Great quarterbacks have three things: Great composure. Great courage. And great temperament. He has all those intangibles. He just needs to develop his physical technique and his understanding of the offense, and how that part of the game works. But that will come with experience. I actually feel great to be working in the NFL with a kid like this. They're rare.''

Just make me happy on Sundays. Please reward my undying faith, JC. Amen. (Yes, I will be continuing my comparisons of Jason Campbell with the guy the rappers call their Lord and savior.

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