Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mike Gravel for President

I couldn't help but write another pro-pot post after the previous one. I haven't really talked much with people about my thoughts concerning the 2008 Presidential election. Going in, I wasn't sure whether to go Republican or go Democrat. Those who know me from high school think I lean to the right and those who know me from college probably think I lean to the left. I'm actually right smack dab in the middle (atleast that's what I think).

But if you know me at all, you know that if a candidate comes out and says he will legalize marijuana he will have my vote. Well, there is a man by the name of Mike Gravel, who is running for the Democratic nomination. He's definitely a minor candidate and obviously won't get the numbers Hilary or Barrack will get, but he officially has my vote.

Check out this interview on CNN to get a sense of what Mike Gravel is all about. For the record, Gravel is a former senator from Alaska, and even though I'm from nowhere near there, the man makes a lot of sense to me as it concerns a wide spectrum of issues, not only the unjust War on Drugs. My vote may be meaningless according to some, but it's time marijuana became legal.

A man on a mission.

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