Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What a long strange trip it has been

Well, after much thought and careful consideration ... We're getting the band back together. Actually, I don't have a band and I don't really play an instrument anymore, so I'm bringing the blog back. As you can see, it has been a long, long time since my last post and I've gotten several requests to re-start. But after my guarantee of a Colts Super Bowl appearance, I went into a self-induced blogging coma. I just lost the will to do this thing.

Oh yeah, it also could have been the excessive amounts of alcohol I consumed during my final semester of college at Michigan. So you ask, why after months and months of hibernation, did I bring this blog back? Well, like I said in my last post, I needed to get hired before I brought it back. Right now I'm writing news for the New York Sun in New York City ... and it sucks. So I need a diversion. This blog provides that.

I seriously was planning on never doing this ever again, until the other day, when I realized my life has turned into a shell of its former self in a matter of weeks. It's just really depressing. I basically get the honor of writing small briefs on stories that have very little to no chance of making the front page of the paper, all while being forced to wear a suit to work every day because the big time editors at this place are extremely old school and conservative.

Here's a convo the editor-in-chief had with all the interns here the other day:

"I don't understand the criticism of going into Iraq. In Vietnam, the war I was in, we lost 4000 plus men and people called it a disaster. And in Iraq, we've lost, what, 400? I call that an unsubstantiated success. If you had told we were going to war and we'd only lose 400, I'd tell you let's do it."

I almost fell out of my chair when I heard this guy (or girl, not really sure)

But seriously, my life goes from warp speed to really really slow in a matter of minutes at this job, so there's definitely some downtime. If all goes to plan, I'll keep everyone who is just as bored as me entertained throughout the day. Probably not as many cool sports stories as last summer, seeing as I'm not covering sports...but whatever I'll find a way to entertain. It kind of feels like I'm the Cosby know how it came back after a long ass hiatus except it was on CBS instead of NBC and all the characters were a bajillion times older and a lot less funny.

Well consider me like the Cosby Show ... except I'm going to be funny although my topics aren't going to be nearly as interesting because this is the news and not the sports.

Bill is in favor of the blog ... insert your best Jello/Kids Say the darndest things/talking gibberish joke here.

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