Wednesday, June 11, 2008

About that Lakers game last night

They needed the win and they got it. You could tell from the get go Kobe just wasn't going to let them go down 3-0, especially in LA.

But I definitely thought this series was going to be easier than it has been for the Lake Show. All season long, I haven't been the biggest rah rah guy for the Celtics and actually thought they were going to lose to the Cavs in the second round and then thought they'd succumb to the Pistons in the conference finals. And before this series began, I thought it was going to be Lakers in 6.

Obviously, I was mistaken. This series is either going to be Lakers in 7 or Celtics in 6. And after last night when Paul Pierce and KG stunk up the joint for a good 3 quarters and the Celts still had a legitimate shot at winning, I'm more inclined to go with Celtics in 6. Seriously, if they win one game at Staples, this series is over, in my opinion. Although, to their credit, the Lakers seemed to turn a corner late in last night's game. Lamar Odom finally seemed to realize that to win a championship, you actually have to show up and play.If I'm a Lakers fan, though, I'd be real concerned with how tentative Pau Gasol looked last night. He appeared seriously intimidated by KG.

I've been rooting for the Lakers because I love seeing Kobe go off, but I'm about sick and tired of the Vladimir Radmonivic experiment. I know he brings length to the lineup, but wouldn't you like to see the machine, Sasha Vujacic, get some more minutes (and more shots). He's been the second-best player for the Lakers in this series and spreads the floor so Kobe can take it to the rack more easily.

My prediction...Game 4 is going to be an instant classic. I've just got this feeling. The Lakers can't go down 3-1 and the Celtics are gonna start to feel the heat from all that "can't win on the road" talk that will inevitably re-surface should they lose two in a row at Staples.


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