Monday, April 09, 2007

Wait...The NHL is still around

Although I haven't written about it much, especially lately, I still have a passion for hockey and specifically hockey playoffs. And lo and behold, the NHL season came to a close yesterday and the playoffs begin on Wednesday. I really wish the Caps were in there at the eight spot like I predicted at the start of the year, but injuries caught up to them. They really only have two legitimate lines and a solid goalie and when you have major injuries to any of them it spells disaster. They have a draft pick, Nicklas Backstrum, from Sweden who will hopefully sign on this offseason, adding another impact player on the offensive end.

I figured I would take a stab at predicting how the first round would go in this year's playoffs. The NHL is real tricky because frankly anything goes come postseason time. Edmonton was a eight seed last year and went all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. And the winner last year, Carolina, didn't even make the playoffs. Oh yeah and Edmonton isn't in this year either. When was the last time both teams from the championship series the year prior not make the playoffs the next year? No seriously, I'm too lazy to look it up, but if anyone knows feel free to tell me. I bet it isn't very often though.

Also before I go any further, I highly recommend going to YouTube and looking up "Jack Johnson hockey" to see some highlights of JMFJ's first six games as a Los Angeles King. The guy has been laid out a bunch, has laid out others in the process, and gotten in quite a few fights. I really want to see JJ absolutely demolished early on next season, just because I haven't seen it happen in two years. In fact now that I think about it I know exactly who I want him to get in a fight with: Donald Brashear. You know Bras would do it because they guy just loves fighting and you gotta believe Bras would just hammer Jack with his killer left hook. The lesson to be learned is you just don't mess around with a southpaw.

Just look at that picture and tell me you wouldn't want
Bras on your team.

But onto the first round predictions:
Sabres vs. Islanders: Sabres in 5
Devils vs. Lightning: Lightning in 7 (Who fires a coach when you're leading the division. That's the sole reason for this pick.
Thrashers vs. Rangers: Thrashers in 6
Senators vs. Penguins: Pens in 7

Red Wings vs. Flames: Wings in 6
Mighty Ducks vs. Wild: Ducks in 7
Canucks vs. Stars: Stars in 7 (Modano's last hurrah)
Predators vs. Sharks: Predators in 7

Oh yeah and I will be rooting for the Sabres (a little), against the Red Wings (a lot) and I've decided to adopt the Dallas Stars as my team in these playoffs...only because there's no Caps. Remember my team last year was Ales Hemsky and Edmonton...and they went all the way to the Finals.

I realize Marty Turco is a giant douche in the playoffs,
but this is his year. I can feel it

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