Sunday, April 29, 2007

Supersize Weekend

Back home in Maryland and as you can imagine I had very little to do over the weekend. Its real nice being done with finals and all and frankly it means I can devote myself to sports. And it was quite a weekend for television dedication what with the NFL Draft, the NBA PLayoffs, the NHL PLayoffs, baseball, HBO Sunday, and even a Wonder Years marathon on some random channel on the digital cable (more on this in a future post). But in getting down to business I leave you with this disclaimer: I have a nice HDTV in the basement of my house with two leather chairs and a couch. I literally rotated between the three all weekend while watching the various sports on TV. And if you know me you know that I'm an incessant channel changer, which is a good and bad thing. But I think I caught most of what went on so I figured I'd leave some thoughts.

Let's start first with the NFL Draft...

Time to air out some dirty Landry
I am really unsatisfied with this LaRon Landry pick by the Redskins. I understand he is uber-talented and as he said in his presser today "He's gonna give 100 percent on every play". But the guy plays the same position as Sean Taylor. I was almost in tears when the Skins picked and the ESPN guys started raving about how Landry is going to be the run stopper and Taylor will the be the center field coverage safety. I got news for ya Skins: You tried that last year and it didn't work. Sean Taylor gave up God knows how many long balls and the defense was next to last in the NFL. And if you look at my picks from the previous post you'll notice that I guessed the Skins would pick Landry. What I've come to realize is that the Washington Redskins don't think like normal teams when it comes to the Draft. The Redskins think "Oh man, we can get another Sean Taylor, that will be an awesome secondary. They should be thinking "Oh we already have a Sean Taylor, let's fill an actual need when we have a top 10 pick in the Draft. I would have much rather seen the Skins trade down but according to other reports that really wasn't a possibility. I still think this is a playoff team next season.

Such a blah pick

Can a Skeeps All-Star turn into an All-Pro?
-I think Alan Branch will be the steal of the Draft for the Cardinals to start off the second round. There's a reason this guy was projected as a top 5 pick when he came out. People are questioning his desire, his productivity, and his work ethic. All the football writers at the Daily think he hasn't worked out since the season ended. And I will admit I saw big Alan at Skeeps and Rick's a ton this past semester, but you can't teach his size and athleticism. People want to talk about how poor his workouts were but I want everyone to take a moment and look at his 40 time and bench from the NFL Combine and compare them to that of Amobi Okoye, a consensus top-10 pick. Alan ran a 4.92 40...Amobi did it in 4.97. Alan repped 225 33 times...Amobi 29. Okoye weighed in at 302 at the Combine even though he played about 20 pounds lighter than that at Louisville. Alan weighed in at 326 but remember was still faster. It's easy to get back into shape, it's not-so-easy to be agile at 6'6 and 325 pounds. Besides which, all the man needs is a little motivation. Stick some short, white sorostitutes on the practice field and tell Alan that every good practice he has he'll get a girl. The man has two things that are his kryptonite: food and sorority houses, so you combat one with the other.

I'm just loyal to this guy. I respect the women he goes after at the bars.

-David Harris to the Jets in the second round is what people are calling a steal... and I would agree if it were with a different team. Harris is going to have to play OLB there since Vilma is the clear starter. Harris is a nasty MLB, but I just don't see him transitioning to the outside since he doesn't have that sideline-to-sideline speed and athleticism. Also good to see Leon Hall get drafted in the first round. This year was a weak one for CBs and that's why Hall was rated so highly. Let's be honest with ourselves here: Leon Hall is no better than a No. 2 corner in the NFL, and frankly if he were on my team I would not want to see him on the field except in nickel or dime packages.

Sam Huff is a lunatic...and I love him for it
-Extra props to the Skins for taking Tyler Ecker in the seventh round which leads me into maybe the funniest radio segment I've heard in awhile. So the Dan Snyder-owned radio station had Sonny Jurgenson and Samm Huff commenting on the picks by the Skins and the subject of sixth-round pick linebacker H.B. Blades (Pitt,) came up. Here's what the convo looked like:

Sam Huff: Sonny, he's got initials for a first name. That means you know he can hit.
Sonny: What?
Sam Huff: It's a proven fact that people with initials for first names are big hitters when it comes to the NFL.

My reaction: That's why I love Sam Huff

-Those Steve Spurrier Under Armor commercials were absolutely priceless. The Ol' Ball Coach going " clack" in order to hang up the phone will never get old. They actually showed that commercial during every break on both ESPN and the NFL Network and I seriously laughed every single time.

How did anybody keep a straight face on the set of this ad? If he were that funny as coach of the Skins, I would have given him another year of ineptness.

-Roger Goodell's first NFL Draft and it was the longest ever. I'm really starting to hate this guy. He's bland and thinks he's the shit with this new personal conduct business. Any league that doesn't appreciate the entertainment value of seeing someone get arrested 10 times in a year just doesn't have any common sense. They should be flaunting Pacman as must see TV. What will he do next? Which person will he pistol whip next? Yes, I know he wants the league to be more professional but c'mon have some fun.

I'm putting a thousand bucks on the turtle
-A highlight from day 2 of the draft came from Suzy Kolber's interview with Michael Vick and how he vows that this is the season where he finally matures. This comes just a few days after they found animal fighting at one of his houses that apparently he doesn't actually live in. Vick blamed it on his relatives, but I'm willing to bet a whole bunch of money that Ron Mexico had his own rooster that he bred to be a killing machine. And speaking of Suzy Kolber: is it a rule in television that all legitimate female journalists have to be ugly as hell? Just a question I was wondering about.

-This was the first year that the Draft was on two networks, ESPN and the NFL Network. They each had their strengths with the ESPN guys seeming to have more knowledge of who each team was going to pick and the NFL Network being much more polished in its analysis once picks were made. Gotta give some props to Adam Schefter of NFL Network for breaking the Randy Moss trade. By the way, Schefter wrote for The Michigan Daily alongside Rich Eisen back in the day.

-Randy Moss for a 4th round pick. I'm not even going to talk about how unfair it is.

-Mike Tirico was definitely the MVP of the weekend for ESPN. The Ann Arbor native called the Heat-Bulls game in Miami on Friday night, was in NYC for the Draft by noon on Saturday, and then returned to Miami for a 1 o'clock game. That's dedication my friends.

-I can't wait to hear what Skip has to say about Brady Quinn's fall tomorrow on 1st and 10. I hope he rips into his soul, and tries to get under his skin. And speaking of skin...anyone else notice the large pimple on Quinn's face? I was really pissed when they let him go to a private room when the whole world saw that scouts actually watch football games and realized that Quinn racked up great numbers against shit teams.

-It was good to see a team like Philly fuck up the Draft for once. I have dreams of Kevin Kolb one day starting at Fedex Field.

And the dumber (and way fatter) than Tommy Amaker award goes to....Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles for their selections in the 2007 NFL Draft.

Random Musings
-John Maine of the Mets has a 1.35 ERA and is 4-0 to start the season aftert throttling the Nats today. He played for Bowie while I was there and I thought he was good, nit great. Guess i was wrong. The O's must be punching themselves for giving up a 26-year-old possible stud for Kris Benson last year.

-Just some quick things on the NHL from this weekend. Martin Brodeur looks mortal. Buffalo is lucky to be up 2-1, because the Rangers should have won game 2 in addition to game 3. And now that I've watched him a few times I really like Sean Avery. He gets a bad name for some of his antics, but he's a damn good player. Anaheim is coming out of the west, I think that's pretty apparent.

50 aka Dumbass
-This Floyd Mayweather/Oscar De La Hoya reality thing on HBO is pure genius. I need to see this fight next weekend now that I've invested so much emotional interest into the show. This talk of Mayweather being the bad guy is off-the-mark if you ask me. It's hilarious hearing him just call De La Hoya a bitch to his face and see De La Hoya just take it to protect his image. BTW...loved the 50 Cent cameo a couple weeks ago. It led to this little exchange:

FMJ: Me and 50, we real cats. That's what we got in common.
50: Yeah Floyd Mayweather is the 50 Cent of boxing and 50 Cent is the Floyd Mayweather of rap...GGGGGGGGGGGUUUUUNIT!

And if you haven's seen the show yet, you should. Mayweather's uncle and father are hilarious seeing as how they barely speak English because of how slurred their speech is. The men literally breed fighters. They've got their kids and grandkids hitting the bags as soon as they can walk.

- I don't think I've ever seen a crowd like the one at Golden State the past two games. Seriously, with all of them wearing yellow on Friday night, it was one of the most surreal things ever, especially on HD. Baron Davis is just ridiculous right now, maybe the best guard in the NBA during these playoffs. And if this series has told me anything it's that Dirk just isn't at that elite level. And it tells me he may never get there. He's a great shooter and really skilled for a nearly 7-footer, but the bottom line is that he can't create his own shot. You put guys like Steven Jackson and Matt Barnes, who are athletic and have long-ass arms, and Dirk is a mere mortal. That being said, I think the Mavs win Game 5 at home. Can they win at Golden State in game 6 is the question. There's no doubt in my mind that if this goes seven games the Mavs win, but that sixth game is really the Warriors to lose. Oh yeah, Avery Johnson, here's a suggestion: When no one on your team can cover anyone and you're giving up a shit ton of layups...why don't you switch to a zone? But the real highlight of the series has been hearing how much Charles Barkley hates the San Fran/Oakland area. I mean the man has a legitimate beef. Here's a direct quote from Sunday's broadcast that was absolutely hysterical:

"The Bay Area sucks. I'd rather stay at Alcatraz than stay in Oakland or San Francisco. What's the world coming to when the Warriors have famous fans (like Jessica Alba)? I love Tupac though."

This is Sir Charles about 100-150 pounds ago if you asked me to guess.

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