Sunday, April 15, 2007

Non conference = AWESOME

So I was at Scorekeepers last night (for all non-Michigan folk it is the popular underage place in Ann Arbor, kind of like the Cornerstone equivalent) and ran into one of my inside guys for Michigan basketball and he had some interesting news about the upcoming schedule for the Wolverines. And all of it looks awesome for me, but it does present some dilemmas.

To start off the season, Michigan will be going to the Great Alaska Shootout in Anchorage. I've already called dibs on the trip because how often is it that you get to go to Alaska for free. The only problem is that the tournament is over Thanksgiving break, which would obviously mean I would miss Thanksgiving. Any suggestions from guys back in Potomac? Should I go?

Beautiful downtown Anchorage

In something from the not-so-well-known department, my source tells me that it appears Michigan will again be playing Duke next year...AT CAMERON! My dream has been completed. I will now have the ability to go watch a Duke basketball game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Just picture a pediphile who drunkenly stumbles into a park playground completely filled with little children without parental supervision. Well, I'm about ten times more excited about this Duke game.

Apparently, this is simply a continuation of a contract Duke and Michigan signed years ago. However, they put the series on hold when Amaker was coach here in Ann Arbor because Coach K and him were uncomfortable facing each other. They actually played one game, where Duke annihilated Michigan and then ended it. After TA was fired, Duke sent an e mail to the Michigan athletic department very soon thereafter saying they wanted to resume the series. It tells me that Coach K is none too pleased over his golden child getting fired. My dilemma is who do I root for? Everyone knows how long my love for Duke goes for. I'll have to deal with that bridge when I cross it in the winter.

That Duke game is not part of the ACC-Big Ten Challenge though. Boston College will be traveling to Ann Arbor for that. And speaking of Boston, Harvard and Michigan are already in negotiations to eliminate the game scheduled between the two for next season. Amaker and Michigan just don't want to play it.

The Wolverines will also be facing Georgetown in DC at the Verizon Center (YES!) over winter break. And the series with UCLA continues with a game at Crisler Arena. Bill Martin said he wanted a tougher non conference schedule, and frankly, I think he may have gone a bit too far. On a team that will likely start two freshmen and two sophomores, the non conference schedule reads like this: Great Alaska Shootout, BC, at Duke, at Georgetown, UCLA. That ain't easy. But atleast with Beilein we won't have to automatically chalk up losses in every road game. Did I mention we won't have to watch world-class athletes run around the court in circles, while the coach simply yells 'Motion"? Have fun with him Harvard. You thought he was bad with decent recruits, let's see that offense with unathletic scrubs who happen to be smart and semi-coordinated.

I'm doing that thing with my hands when I get really excited
just thinking about going to Cameron

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