Monday, April 02, 2007

An insane weekend

Wow, I can't really believe all that occurred on this historic Paddy Murphy Weekend. For those who don't Paddy Murphy is a three-day boozefest in which we just obliterate ourselves over the course of a weekend. There were plenty of alumni here making it even more ridiculous. The damage to the house is unprecendented, reaching the levels of the Fall '04 bid night (where every door in the basement needed to be replaced). Someone may have broken the glass of the front door of University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman's house too. But pretty much it was an incredible weekend filled with debauchery beyond belief. Can't wait for next year when I'll be a senior. This is going to be a quick little update since there is a lot going on with Michigan basketball.

-The Detroit Free Press and Detroit News are reporting that Beilein got offered the job last night, and has 24 hours to accept it. This means we could hear an announcement as early as this afternoon. Chances are more likely that there will be a press conference tomorrow if he accepts. I hope he does.

-Brent Petway was hilarious in that slam dunk contest. It's too bad he couldn't pull off some of the dunks he tried. The one he did pull off was sick though. Speaking of which, in any dunk contest yoe've watched: Has a power forward or center ever won? It seems to me like it's always guards.

The most untalented talented player of all time: Brent Petway.
Those glasses and the dance from the dunk contest were legit.

-I'm accepting an internship with Metro New York in NYC. I'll be covering sports, and specifically a lot of baseball (i.e Yanks and Mets) SO expect some inside info on those teams once I move to the big city.

That's all I got for now. Let's hope this coaching business gets figured out real soon. C'mon Beilein.

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