Friday, April 27, 2007

To D. Snyder: Don't fuck this up!

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. I think I may have gotten way too excited about David DeJesus and I just couldn't muster the energy to get my creative juices flowing. No but seriously, I'm back in Maryland now, having returned from a week of binge partying. So that's the reason for the lack of posts.

But my lack of writing isn't for a lack of sports going on. We've got baseball, we've got NBA playoffs, we've got NHL playoffs and we've got the NFL Draft tomorrow. And since I am so tired of all the coverage given to the Draft by ESPN, we'll get that out of the way right now. I think the Raiders are going to choose JaMarcus Russell when it's all said and done. In fact here's how I think the top 10 is going to play out. Keep in mind that I don't listen to the ESPN guys as much because I simply think NFL teams think a little differently than the analysts. That's why the analysts are analysts and GMs are GMs:

1. Raiders pick Russell
2. Lions trade their pick to someone (whether it's the Bucs, Falcons or whomever) and they select Calvin Johnson
3. Browns select Brady Quinn
4. This is Tampa's pick but if they trade it the LIons take Joe Thomas here. If Tampa keeps it they are going to go for Gaines Adams
5. Cardinals take Thomas if he's still around and if he's not they go with Adrian Peterson
6. Redskins are going to try and trade down. If they can't they go with Laron Landry (it's a stupid pick, I know. But lest we forget the Redskins are run by stupid people).
7. Vikings take Gaines Adams if he's still around. And if he's still around someone if going to want to trade up to get him.
8. If the Lions are here courtesy of a trade with the Falcons, they will take Levi Brown. If it's the Falcons, they will take Best Player Available which will be Amobi Okoye
9. Dolphins take Levi Brown if he's available. If he's not I'm guessing my man Leon Hall will get the nod
10. Without Peterson on the board, the Texans are going to try like Hell to trade down...possibly to the Broncos who will take Patrick Willis, linebacker from Ole Miss.

Do I think Landry will be awesome? Yes.
Would I select basically another Sean Taylor when I have so few picks? No.
Was I shocked as I drove in today to find that Sportstalk 980 was absolutely reaming out my Lord and savior Joe Gibbs? YES.

I think I've left enough room for the maneuvering that is sure to go on come tomorrow afternoon. I'm actually extremely curious how my predictions hold out. I'm literally going to be sitting in front of my HDTV tomorrow watching whatever sports may be on and am going to try and chronicle my thoughts as the day progresses. I'll even try to update periodically so there is some sort of time consistency going on (Does that even mean anything).

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