Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's all over

The search is complete. In a statement released by Michigan today, it was announced that John Beilein will become the 19th men's basketball coach in Wolverine history. The deal is believed to be six years and worth about 1.3 million dollars annually, with a base salary of 200,000 dollars. I've got a source within the West Virginia program who told me that Beilein met with the Mountaineers earlier today and told him he didn't leave West Virginia for the money. Beilein wouldn't go any further than that though. Sounds like he and the WVU athletic director didn't exactly get along if you ask me. But I actually don't care about that because Beilein is at Michigan as I sort of predicted from day one of this coaching expedition. I don't think I ever really wavered on the fact that I wanted Beilein. Just ask anyone here at SAE. Now if he can recruit someone like the phenomenon known as "The Snogle" he will have my heart forever.

Welcome to Michigan. Press conference is scheduled
for tomorrow at noon.

There's been so much going on lately, I didn't get a chance to talk about anything but this basketball search. Here's some random stuff that has come through my head lately:

-Opening Day came and went, and I can't exactly say I was surprised that the Nats looked terrible. This team really has a legitimate shot at reaching some epic lows this season. Patterson will win 14-15 games max at the top of the rotation. And then who else? Are you really expecting dynamite seasons out of Shawn Hill and Jerome Williams? C'mon, that's just a joke.

-As for predictions throughout all of the Majors...well I'll give it a shot.
AL CENTRAL CHAMPION: Cleveland Indians
AL WEST CHAMPION: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
AL WILD CARD: New York Yankees

NL WEST CHAMPION: San Francisco Giants
NL WILD CARD: Philadelphia Phillies

-Florida proved that the whole coasting and then turning it on when it counts theory is absolutely true. Greg Oden played great, but was that game ever really in doubt? Speaking of Oden...I'm going on a hunch here but I truly believe he and Mike Conley are going to come back for a sophomore season and try to lead the Buckeyes to a National Title. They've got to be the favorites, unless all of these Florida juniors return. That would shock me though.

- The Redskins need to stop trying to collect these big timers like Lance Briggs and JaMarcus Russell. The trade-up in the Draft rumor really upset me because it just makes it seem like the people running the franchise literally have no clue what they are doing. As I typed that I realized " Wait a minute, what in the past proves they know anything about football?" When is that front office going to get a clue and fire Vinny Cerato and hire a real GM.

- The Wizards are in trouble...serious trouble. Losing Caron Butler for the rest of the regular season and most of the playoffs hurts a whole lot. There's really no way the Wiz can come out of the East without him. The news that Haywood had been benched for Etan Thomas didn't really surprise me. Besides a nice little 10- 15 game stretch where he averaged 10 and 10, Brendan has been giving this team nothing but headaches. In fact, I believe Brendan Haywood needs to be traded, especially while his stock is still at a decent level. His pouting is simply unacceptable, especially for a guy who sucks balls. Seriously though I've never seen a more untalented basketball player act like he is some sort of indispensable piece of the puzzle. Brendon, I've got news for you. You wouldn't be starting on any other playoff-caliber team in the NBA. You're lucky that to be in DC. I hope Etan shows us he was worth that big deal a few years back now that he's replaced Haywood in the lineup.

I'm not saying he does it, but I wouldn't be shocked if someone
told me Brendan sits down to pee.

That's all I got for now, but keep your eyes out for a future post about Detroit and its sports fans...and specifically why DC sports fans are a whole lot better (Yes, I realize I'm biased on this but I've got some great arguments).

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