Friday, May 05, 2006

Pretty solid night for sports

Well obviously I'm a little peeved over Game 6 Wiz-Cavs, but what are the Wizards gonna do when they don't know what the word defense means. I think the series was summed up in one play and it wasn't Damon JOnes' game winner. With 45 seconds left in regulation and the Cavs down 4, Flip Murray glided in for an uncontested lay-up to bring the Cavs within one basket. Why was he untouched, and why was there no help in a playoff game?

By the way...I'm sure Graham is peeing himself over that Sabres-Sens game. I mean, what a game. I didn't watch part of the Wizards game because of that. And to add on to it, they had my favorite hockey announcer, Joe Benninati, calling the game. That thing went back and forth and is the definition of what the new NHL is all about. For real, if you haven't checked out the NHL playoffs yet, you should. Every game is so unpredictable, and no team plays soft like the Wizards.

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