Monday, May 22, 2006

Preakness Weekend

Well I haven't blogged in awhile, but it was because I was hosting about 15 Michigan kids for Preakness weekend. And I think most of the people who actually read this thing were with me for the weekend. But, it quite an eventful weekend. I'm just gonna go through each day starting with Wednesday.

Wednesday- The Rios arrived. Always good to see Rob, especially now that he's gonna be goin out into the working world soon. That night we drank in my house. I got pretty drunk, but my little bro stole the show. The kid got fucked up big time courtesy of some Bud Light and Clark.

Thursday- So, clearly my little bro was not gonna be able to attend school on time Thursday morning. SO , at around 1030 i wrote him a note and took him to school late. The kid had a monster hangover but he was real pumped to tell all his friends he got hammered with a bunch of college kids on a Wednesday night.

That night we had a bbq in my backyard. Midway through the bbq, Graham and Pete made an appearance, arriving from the great city of Buffalo. We were just chilling drinking some brews. Later that night the real party started in my basement. BY this point a car with Greg, Becca, Jess, Linds, and Tim had arrived after a 10-hour ordeal through I dunno how many states. We had liquor, we had beer, we had wine, and we had a shitshow. Over 20 people packed into my basement, and a good 15 of them were extremely drunk. SOme of the highlights of the night were blackout Greg talking to my Mom about boozing on her plane ride back from Spain, when she actually didn't booze. Then there was blackout Greg breaking an expensive wine glass in my bathroom right in front of my Mom. Then blackout Chod and blackout Krauss wrestling and knocking over another glass of wine in my basement.

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