Sunday, May 14, 2006

Larry Brown

It's really sad to see Larry Brown in the state he is in now. Imagine if he had simply stayed with the Pistons, or retired from coaching after the Pistons. His legacy would be so much greater than it is now. People viewed him as a coaching legend after he won that NBA title. He is the only coach to win both the NCAA Championship and the NBA Title. Many NBA onlookers probably overrated him a bit because of that one title with the Pistons. We all seemed to forget those 5 or 6 seasons he spent with the Clippers. But now those memories are being drudged up again because of his job with the Knicks. The way he speaks to the media, you can tell the guy regrets coaching the Knicks. And his pride is forcing him to continue coaching the Knicks until the get better. He wants that great coaching aura (like Phil Jackson has) to return. Because of this season's debacle in New York the legacy has been tarnished. To add on to that, the Pistons great season has shown that maybe it wasn't all Larry in 2004. Flip Saunders is an alright coach, but not a 60-win a year kind of guy. The players on the Pistons is what makes them so good. It's Joe Dumars who should get the majority of the credit considering he re-built that team from the scrap heap after Grant Hill left.

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