Friday, May 12, 2006

The Friends Question

So, I've had this long standing dilemma that I've gone over in my head many times. Only a few times have I actually verbally comunicated it. In like October '05, Dan Kovel brought up the interesting question of when do your college friends become better friends than your high school friends. Now, I think this is a really interesting question. Because when I hear adults talk about their younger days, it is almost exclusively involving friends from college. Nowhere do you ordinarily hear about high school friends. And I was real close with certain dudes from high school, but I always catch myself wondering whether we will ever lose touch. I remember in the spring at some point during a late night visit to Pizza House with Jess and Becca I brought this up with them. ANd both were adament that the high school friends will remain fixtures forever. Personally, I think they are being short-sighted on this one. And I think the key reason for this is that you never actually live with your high school friends. There's a certain bond when you share a home or an apartment with someone. I know I will remain friends with my high school boys, but for some reason I got this feeling that, in the end, my lasting relationships will be from college. Now my question to you or to whomever is: Is this a bad thing? Am I turning my back on people? Something for you to chomp on right there.

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