Monday, May 22, 2006

Preakness Weekend Continued

Friday- My memory is a little unclear on this day. But I know I went to Fu Shing...which was delicious. But, I didn't want to see Da Vinci code with everyone else. That evening, at Chod's house, Jeff and I came up with the great idea of holding a draft to see who goes in each car. It wasn't as controversial as the top-10 friends list...but it came close. Skip to the night where everyone kind of took it easy because of the big day on Saturday.

Saturday- After lecturing everyone about being at Chod's house promptly at 720am, guess who was the only person to arrive late. I am such a douchbag. Lemme tell ya...we had a lot of beer. We got to Preakness and finally settled into our spot around the final turn at around 930am. From there, the entire day is a big blur. I have been comparing it to Hash Bash in that I can't give you many details, but I know I had a lot of fun. Some vivid memories from the day were seeing Russ Grant absolutely wasted, finally meeting Zac Shapiro's boyfriend Graham Brown and then watching later in the afternoon as Graham Brown struggled to even stand up straight, standing next to Rob as he shouted Barbaro about 50 times in a 5-minute span right before the race, and that's pretty much it. Next year...we get a bus!

Sunday- I had to work at Carderock once I woke up, so I didn't really get to say bye to all the people who left. Oh well. That evening, me, Kovel, Reagan, and Pete got some crabs and beer for my place. Funny story, when me and Dan walked out of the beer store four cops walked into Fu Shing, which is next door. That night, Jeremy, Pat and Matt came over and we all got wasted. Chod and Wicker joined the fun too. We were all sitting around my outside table, and I got to enjoy about 15 minutes of every single person at the table just rail on me for my "inconsistent" storytelling. It wasn't enjoyable. Later that night , we all got wasted playing liquor pong in my basement. Pedro Krauss made an appearance and pissed on Matt's leg in the middle of the night.

All in all, I would say it was a pretty memorable weekend. I think I would have enjoyed it more had all the drinking occurred at someone else's house. But what are you gonna do?

Tomorrow I will have a post giving out the inaugural Busch League Awards to those who had some bush league moves over the weekend. ALong with that, I will also hand out the first ever Michael George Battey Memorial Award to the person who most exemplifies what being not-Busch League is all about.

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