Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Game 5 Aftermath

My question is that after Lebron put in 43, how do you match him up with Michael Ruffin with 3.6 seconds remaining in OT? Wizards coach Eddie Jordan was trying to out-think the Cavs and it backfired. With 3.6 seconds there isn't time to try somethin new like putting a 6'8 neanderthal on a superstar. I realize he was expecting some switches on picks, but you gotta make a player like Lebron win the game with something more than a lay-up. Great comeback by the Wizards at the end of the fourth quarter, but they came up short because they don't know how to play defense for more than a few minutes at a time. Although the Cavs have the best player in the series in Lebron, the better team is the Wizards. Charles Barkely said at halftime, "How can you let a one-man team beat you. The fact that Gilbert Arenas had 44, Antawn Jamison had 30+ and Caron Butler rebounded from a poor half to have 20 and 10 does bode well for the Wizards as this series returns to the Verizon Center on Friday. I must say, though, I hate Lebron so much because he is so good. Some of those fadeaways over Jared Jeffries in the fourth quarter were absolutely absurd. That was a Stephon Snowden I-270 basketball-esque performance (I think only Matt Brown truly knows how good that is).

P.S...This is gonna make Pete Krauss the happiest man alive...the Tigers are legit.

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