Wednesday, May 17, 2006

An Ode to Clark

This little poem was waiting for me as I returned home from work and sat down at the computer. It was left by none other than Jess Epstein.

There once was a bong that had no name, he sat on a shelf and his life was lame. Then one day he found a friend in need, of some good chillaxin and a device to smoke weed. Mark brought him home for all to meet, they christened him and it was sweet. A weekend bong they decided he would be, but maybe one more night or two or three. They soon became familiar with this kickass bong, and they decided that any time with him couldnt be wrong. Clark they named him for it suited him well, he would always be by Mark's side as we could all tell. Then the year ended and it was time to say goodbye, saying bye to Mark was fine, but to Clark it was hard to even try. The only hope they have for now is a chance to reunite, so it looks like may 20 is the date its gonna be outta sight!!

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