Tuesday, May 02, 2006

NFL Draft

I watched a good portion of this year's NFL Draft because I had a fever, so I thought I would jot down my thoughts:

1. Poor Gabe Watson...I don't know if fourth round money is gonna pay for that big black hummer that Drew Rosenhaus fronted for you. Maybe if you and the entire Michigan football team didn't decide to take half the season off last year you would have been a late first round pick. Overall a horrible year for the Wolverines was followed up by a horrible year for the team in the draft. Avant went fourth round to the Eagles, and Tim Massaquoi went seventh round to the Cardinals.

2. Matt Leinart is a steal at #10 for the Cardinals. The guy was 30 seconds from winning three straight national championships. But he lost a boatload of money staying in school. He was a lock to be a 49er if he came out last year. I mean, c'mon Alex Smith. That guy will be out of the league in five years.

3. Michael Irvin has some pretty good knowledge of the game, it's just too bad it gets lost in all of his other nonsense. Seriously, the guy doesn't know how to speak English. But he did have some pretty good analysis on the various wide receivers.

4. I'm sick of Chris Berman. He'a awful. Period. And people need to stop calling him "Boomer" or "Boom" or whatever.

5. What the hell is wrong with the Buffalo Bills? I mean Marv Levy has got to know that JP Losman is not the man to lead the Bills back to glory. Jay Cutler was the PERFECT fit for that team, but instead they reached and got Donte Whitner.

6. Why the hell were so many Florida State players picked so early? The past four years have represented the Seminoles steady downfall from perennial power to just another D-1 school. Guys like Broderick Bunkley underachieved in college and chances are they will in the pros too.

7. Was just flipping through the channels and landed on NFL Live. Here's a little factoid about number 1 pick Mario WIlliams. Against the five BCS conference schools that made bowl games last season, Mario WIlliams had zero sacks. And three of his sacks came against Maryland, which Matt Brown will tell you isn't something to toot your horn about. This kid has Courtney Brown written all over him.

8. I can't believe New England stole Chad Jackson in round 2. That guy is gonna be good.

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