Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Unbelievable Game

I had to post again because I had a little problem with my boy Matt Holliday. He never actually touched home plate in the bottom of the 13th in Colorado's improbably victory over the Padres. Michael Barrett blocked the plate with his foot and when Holliday slides into home plate Barrett's foot doesn't actually move. Instead, it's Holliday's wrist that bends back. For all we know, that game should still be going on now as I type this at 2:28 AM.

By the way, had the Rockies lost that game, the blame should have fallen squarely on the shoulders of Rockies manager Clint Hurdle. Jorge Julio in a pressure situation? I think a 3-year old could tell you that disaster was right around the corner.

But like I said in the prior post, the Rockie win should give Holliday the MVP award. Someone from that team needs to be recognized. Jimmy Rollins had a great season — and came up huge in the Phillies clinching win on Sunday — but Holliday showed tonight he's a player who can deliver in the spotlight. Oh yeah, and with his performance tonight, Holliday ended this season as the National League leader in both batting average and RBIs.

We'll get to see who the real MVP is in the NLDS. Philly vs. Colorado is a tossup because they both have sicknasty offenses.

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