Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rocky Road

They've won 21 out of 22 games. Like seriously? 21 out of 22.

The Colorado Rockies run to end this season will go down in the history books as truly remarkable. This is bigger news than when that fat kid you hang out with that normally doesn't pull ass randomly gets involved in some weird sex fantasy of a random hottie. Every team has its ebbs and flows, but ebbs just don't last this long. They aren't supposed to. No team is allowed to reel off this many wins in such a short amount of time. The law of averages doesn't allow it.

And that's why the worst thing right now for Colorado is this eight day layoff until the World Series. I'm fairly certain the magic is going to wear off once the Fall Classic begins. It just can't keep going. But the problem with guaranteeing this prediction is the fact that the Rockies haven't lost in over a month.

Maybe they've lost the ability to lose. Now that would be remarkable.

I am Troy Tulowitzki in college. Hear me roar!

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