Wednesday, October 10, 2007

T. Henry and Volume Two

I chose him a few weeks ago the poster child of this blog, and boy has Travis Henry delivered. Not only has this man been in the news for having too much sex, but now he's back on the big screen because of a failed drug test for marijuana. If you're going to get in trouble, I don't think there's two better reasons to be in the doghouse.

Think about it, though. This guy is living the dream right now. Up until this past week, he was leading the NFL in rushing, he's the greatest thing to happen to baby's mamas ever, and it's obvious now that he's a blunt connosieur.

Yes, I realize Travis has said he would take a lie detector test and a hair test to prove his innocence, but that's only because he might get suspended for a year from the NFL. I'm willing to bet this man makes headlines later on this season in a big way. I'm actually hoping he fails his hair test because then he'll officially look like the dumbest man in America.

He's got blazing speed, or so I hear.

Now onto volume two of 5 Things I Need to Say:

1) Michigan Basketball Media Day was yesterday, which marks the beginning of my writing season. Listening to John Beilein during his press conference, I was less than enthusiastic about the Wolverines even reaching a .500 record this season. When a coach tells you, "Our goal is to improve with every game", it isn't exactly a big stamp of optimism.

I was pleasantly surprised by how upbeat and relaxed everything seemed to be as compared to last year with Tommy. All of the players appear happy to be playing basketball again with expectations and pressure lowered from the past couple seasons. Obviously, I'll have more on this team as the season progresses, but I figured I'd leave you with a bombshell prediction of mine.

Junior guard/forward Jevohn Shepherd will be the leading scorer for Michigan basketball this year.

2) The Capitals are looking good sitting at 3-0. No matter what supposed "hockey experts" say, I've learned a couple things over the past few seasons of following hockey. The NHL is always up for grabs because of how much parity there has to be when you have 30 teams that play 18 players apiece every game. I see the Caps being real players and making the playoffs after their long hiatus from the postseason.

3) That 31-3 beatdown of the Lions was a awesome to see from the Skins. Playoff teams don't just beat inferior teams, they annihilate them, and that's just what Gibbs and the Gang did. It was a must win anyways, given the upcoming schedule. At Green Bay and at New England are clearly not gimmes. If we take 1 of 2 of those games and come out 4-2, I would be a happy camper.

4) I decided to watch the NFl pregame shows this weekend and realized I should really just keep it on CBS. Terry Bradshaw has gone absolutely insane, like more insane than ever insane, on FOX. I can't listen to a Cowboy tell me what to think on ESPN (Emmitt Smith). And convincing myself to trust a man with the nickname Poochie just upsets me. That leaves you with JB, Cowher, Marino, Sharpe and Boomer as the best of the worst.

He's famous to you because of NFL pregame stuff. He's famous to me because he knows George Brown.

5) I'm taking on a lot Michigan Daily-wise in the next couple weeks with basketball starting up again, but I'm saying it now that I will actually write an NBA preview this year (like team-by-team breakdown. We'll see if I actually deliver because I've been slacking for a month as it concerns this blog.

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