Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wild Couple of Days

Well the 21st is over and done, but it had plenty of memorable moments — atleast for other people it did. I don't actually have a memory past 11pm on either night I went out to celebrate. Now, I'm leaving for Chicago in the morning for the Big Ten Tournament. Michigan plays at noon on Thursday against Minnesota. If they win that the Wolverines get a rematch with Ohio State in the quarterfinals. To have any real shot to make the Big Dance I think Michigan needs a win over Minnesota and Ohio State, but even then it might not be enough. A win in the semis would probably guarantee the Wolverines a spot, but if there are more of these Wright State over Butler upsets, Michigan could simply be shit out of luck.

I actually really want to talk about all of this steroid nonsense that has come up the past few days. How weird is it that it seems like every single steroid user played in the Orioles system at some point in their careers, and for the most they played together. Look at the names: Rafael Palmeiro, Jason Grimsley, Gary Matthews, Jr., Sammy Sosa, Jerry Hairston, Miguel Tejada (has been accused numerous times). What does this say about the organization? There's no way nobody in the front office didn't know what was going on. And yet with all those steroids the team still sucked during that time. I really think there needs to be a formal investigation into how prevalent the Orioles have been in these steroid talks. So that leaves us with this conclusion: the Orioles are from the worst city in America, have the worst owner in the majors, have the worst front office in the Majors, and are the worst criminals in all of this steroid garbage. Classy franchise you got there Peter.

I always thought Hairston would beat our Brian Roberts.
Hey, remember BJ Surhoff?

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