Friday, March 16, 2007

Some First Round Reflections

So to start off I'd like to update on what's been going on lately. I feel like I haven't been posting as much as I should with all that's been happening recently. Obviously the Tournament is underway and I've been watching a good amount, school has been pretty absurd lately, Michigan's season finally ended, Michigan is in the CCHA semifinals against Michigan State and omg it's Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow. That calls for an all-day booze-a-thon. Couple that with all the sports on TV and you've got a level of ridiculousness that is rather achieved. Here's just some random thoughts I've had over the past few days that are non-Tournament related:

-I am still pissed at the people who were in my room during the Suns-Mavs epic the other night. The game went into double overtime after Steve Nash just played unbelievably down the stretch. To be completely honest, if he finishes average the rest of the season, that game might have locked up another MVP I know Dirk's team is having a crazy good year, but what would the Suns be without Steve Nash. But back to how I missed the end of what is certain to be an Instant Classic and probably will go down as the game of the year in the NBA all because guys had to catch South Park so desperately. It's not very often that you catch an instant classic as it's unfolding. The new South Park would have been rerun on Sunday. You gotta show respect to the great games.

-That game got me thinking about the NBA playoffs in just under a month. If you're a REAL basketball fan, you'll appreciate it even more than the Tournament. This is taking the best players from each of the best teams on the same court and having a longer Tournament. Oh hell yeah!

Three MVPs. Most unbelievable rise in production
for a prevously average player ever

-The Wiz have me concerned. Caron is out 7-10 days and the Heat are nipping at our heels just one game back. If the Wiz end up facing the Heat in the playoffs they are done. They just can't beat that team. This is the time where Gilbert can prove he's a top 5 player in the NBA. A top 5 player in the NBA lifts his teams in times of need. If he's a bona fide superstar and has an entire commercial campaign dedicated to him, he's gotta put this team on his shoulders.

-Michigan basketball looked awful in Tallahassee. I didn't actually watch the game, but apparently Florida State whipped em pretty good. There was some snipping after the game, as senior Brent Petway criticized some on the team of not hustling enough, and not showing proper effort all season. The Tommy Watch is on. I just don't see how Bill Martin can keep him on considering how much negativity surrounds the program right now. Beyond this upcoming recruiting class, the 2008 class is barren. We only have one scholarship to begin with in '08 because Tommy gave free rides to players like Anthony Wright and K'Len Morris. There's literally no one on our radar screen currently. That's my opinion, but some have said that Martin is going to give Tommy one last season to make the Tournament with this real nice recruiting class coming in. I guess getting the guys in the program would be nice, but I think we all know this team is going nowhere significant with Tommy leading it.

-Oh and I forgot, the names getting mentioned if Tommy were to be let go are Southern Illinois's Chris Lowery, former Houston Rockets coach Rudy Tomjanovich (health permitting), and Winthrop's Gregg Marshall. We'll see, who knows what'll happen. I really have no idea what's going to happen, if something does it'll go down in the next week. Martin really doesn't have much time to decide.

- 300 was a disgustingly awesome movie. The action was incredible. I heard someone call it Braveheart without the essentially warfare and killing... and I completely agree. Not to mention this movie had some of the most ridiculously corny, yet absurdly hilarious one-liners as they headed in for more killing.

"Eat a hearty breakfast because tonight we dine in hell!"

- Michigan football losing wide receiver Adrian Arrington, tight end Carson Butler and reserve lineman Eugene Germany. Ouch. The rumor (I emphasize rumor because Lloyd has not said anything) is that they failed a drug test. It was Arrington's third strike and apparently he wasn't listed on the roster given out to media at Carr's press conference. However Butler and Germany were on the roster. It looks like it's going to take a lot for Arrington to be allowed back on as Carr called it "possible but not probable". If all three aren't allowed back on, it would be a huge loss for the the Wolverines. Arrington had 40 catches last year and was extremely solid opposite Mario Manningham. Butler led tight ends in catches and was slotted in as a starter for next season. I heard that Carr is a huge Butler fan and its only his second strike so he has a better shot than the others of being allowed back on.

Okay gotta have some Tourny thoughts:

-God dammit Georgia Tech. Are you serious? I had you elite eight. Bogdammit (yes, Pat's middle name is the basis of a curse word)


-If you really want to be entertained, check out Bill Simmons' tournament blog on Hilarious stuff.

-I've got a pretty generic Final 4: UCLA, Florida, Georgetown, and Texas A&M, with UCLA winning it all. I'm probably wrong.

-Don't even get me started about that VCU-Duke game. This is just so heart breaking. This Duke team was the worst I can remember, yet I still think the Blue Devils will be a preseason top 10 next year. They've got potential to be real good next year because they've got a hyped up recruiting class coming in.

God damn you Eric Maynor

- Has anyone else noticed that the first round has a lot more boring lately? It's like watching reruns of Saved by the Bell everyday and then suddenly the TV station decides to have a few weeks of The College Years. I don't remember this little drama in a first couple days ever. I bet there's going to be some great ones coming in the next couple rounds. The sweet 16 is always my favorite round because there's a lot of games and pretty much all the riff raff has been eliminated and all you got left is legitimate contenders.

Alright I'm going to sign off for now. I'll update this post after the night games to maybe point out some stuff if anything interesting happens. Enjoy this because it doesn't around all that often.

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Michael said...

round one of the ncaa's was a snooze fest except for the VCU - Duke game. as for the nba playoffs, ill tell ya- they are better at deciding the true champion over the course of the season. however you cant just say that the nba post season is better just because we got a lame duck first round of the ncaa's this year. remember how crazy last year's ncaa tourny was? we were due for a down year after how crazy last year's ncaa tourny was. theres too much parody in college basketball for the bracket to stay its course. the upsets will come just in later rounds, and it'll be lower seeded majors beating higher seeded majors. i guarentee that all one seeds wont make the final four. im drunk as shit right now and its st. patricks day. hell yea.