Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fitting in a lot in a little

I just got back from Tampa, where I went to the DRays Spring Training. Definitely had a good time and got a little bit of insight into the workings of an MLB team from talking (more like eavesdropping) with their management. I have a lot to fit in and with the huuuugggeee Michigan-Ohio State basketball game approaching fast, I'm gonna go with the good 'ol fashioned bullet points:

-I have to start out with some Redskins stuff. I like the London Fletcher signing, because Lemar Marshall just didn't cut it last year as a starting middle linebacker. That leaves the Skins with Marcus Washington, Fletcher, and hopefully Rocky McIntosh (if he progresses) at linebacker. That works for me.

-I'm extremely happy that the Redskins didn't make the mistake of overpaying to resign Dockery. That contract he got from the Bills is absolutely absurd for a guy who was good, but not great. Also like what the Skins decided to do at the cornerback position. Clements is good, but he should not be getting Champ Bailey money. And picking up Smoot (which is apparently all but done) means we've got three corners who I can feel confident about (Smoot, Springs and Rogers). If Springs stays healthy, then Smoot and Rogers will be interchangeable at No. 2 and 3.

Welcome back Smoot Smack. Hopefully.

-In talking with the DRays management they all have this notion that with the core they have set up right now, they should be contending for the World Series by next season. From looking at their roster, I think they are morons. Yes, their outfield is great with Baldelli, Delmon Young, and Carl Crawford, but baseball is all about pitching. And the DRays have a bunch of guys who they think could be good, but most baseball people think won't be that good. They have Scott Kazmir and a bunch of average pitchers. With how good the yanks and Bosox should be over the next few years, the DRays are not going to reach their goal of a playoff berth anytime soon. I will say it was awesome being around the team though.

-Carl Crawford: Not a good public speaker. At an event to rebuild a Little League field, the guy stumbled and bumbled his way through a short 30 second speech.

-We were on the field for the Yankees batting practice on Friday morning and it shocked me how big some of the players are. Derek Jeter, who I considered a smaller guy by baseball terms, is like 6-3 and buit. ARod and Giambi look like tanks up close. Joe Torre looks real old, and Don Zimmer looks downright ancient.

-Michigan has to beat Ohio State today in order to even be in consideration for the Tourny. But Joe Lunardi was quoted in The Detroit News this week as saying even with the win, he thinks Michigan will need two wins in the Big Ten Tourny to really have a good shot at an at-large bid. Personally, if the cards fall right (i.e teams that are supposed to win their conference tournys do just that) the Wolverines need to beat the Buckeyes today AND win their first round Big Ten game.

OSU is a perfect example of how quickly
a good coach can turn around a shitty
program. Take notes Bill Martin.

That's it for now. I turn 21 tonight, so maybe I'll post some drunken ramble in the next couple days.

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Michael said...

hey man, you should make it so people can ask you questions and then you anwser them in a post.... that be chill man.
heres your first question:

after the win today in detroit, what do you think about the colorado avalanche's chances of making the nhl playoffs?