Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Miller the new name

Well it's another day and obviously there have been more than a few developments in Michigan's search for a new basketball coach, so here it goes.

-Xavier's coach Sean MIller is the new hot name. He has gotten some serious consideration from Bill Martin, but apparently there is already an offer on the table from Minnesota which is believed to be about 1.4-1.7 million a year. That is a steep price for a guy who has really only had one great season at Xavier. However, the guy is a recruting God. Thad Matta told the Cincinnati Inquirer earlier this year that "Miller taught me everything I know about recruiting". But Martin does not want to rush this decision, so he probably won't even interview Miller until next week. It's a good call for Martin not to let Miller leverage him. if he takes the Minnesota job, so be it.

-It's also coming out that Matta may be telling Miller not to take the job. Sounds like Thad is a little worried that Miller might ruin his talent stranglehold on the midwest....but that's just me guessing.

-In a welcome relief, it's been confirmed by numerous sources that Bill Martin is not letting money be an issue. If he really believes someone like Beilein is the right guy for the job, he will do whatever needs to be done financially (i.e pay the 2.5 million buyout).

-Lon Kruger said he is staying at UNLV and not considering other jobs in a teleconference today. But don't take it all that seriously because he's gotta say that type of stuff with his team still in the Sweet 16.

-Current GW coach is out of the running. Sources close to him say he doesn't feel Michigan is the right fit. It didn't help that he has no midwest connections.

-I actually ran into freshman DeShawn Sims outside of one of my classes today and talked with him for a little while. He told me himself and Ekpe are more than likely on board with whomever comes and coaches. He also asked me about any developments showing that they are definitely leaving the players in the dark about this one.

-Wizards assistant coach Phil Hubbard, whose jersey resides in the Crisler Arena rafters, told Ivan Carter of The Washington Post that Michigan would be his "dream job".

-ALthough he's been on the record several times saying otherwise, sources close to Alex Legion say keeping him under his letter of intent is going to take some convincing. Apparently the big timers have already started calling (UNC, Kansas, Duke, etc..)

I'll have more as everything develops, but if West Virginia wins again tonight and with many of the candidates still in the NCAA Tournament I don't see this coaching thing to get worked out until next week at the earliest.

Miller Time at Crisler?
I like how he recruits.
Still like Beilein more though.

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Andrew said...

Hi Mark. i write a blog about GW basketball, colonialhoops.blogspot.com. Where'd you hear that Hobbs wasn't interested? I'd love to know.