Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Say it ain't so Manny

Well Manny Harris went off last night. The Michigan-bound Detroit redford star went off for 41 points and 12 boards in a huge playoff game against perennial power Romulus. The kid is going to be Mr. Basketball in the state of Michigan, no doubt about it. But after telling me that it wouldn't matter if Amaker was fired, now he has come out and said he isn't so sure he'll come to Ann Arbor without Turtleneck Tommy standing on the sidelines. Here's what he told The Detroit News:

"He (Amaker) is a big part of why I came," he said. "But I love Michigan so I don't know. I can't answer that now."

Personally with or without Harris and Alex Legion, we need to get rid of Tommy. Dion Harris was a top-10 recruit (i.e more coveted than both these guys) and he's turned into simply an average college basketball player. With Tommy still coaching these kids will not develop to their fullest potential. That's a guarantee. We shall see but I really hope Bill Martin doesn't let two 18-year olds influence the decision we all know needs to be made.

By the way the picture thing hasn't been working the past couple days. Hopefully one of the geeks at blogspot wil fix it soon.

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