Monday, March 12, 2007

NIT Again

The worst part about Michigan being excluded from the Big Dance yet again is that I have to go to its NIT games. Is watching two mediocre teams (the Wolverines and Utah State) how I imagined spending my Tuesday night? Hell no! And then if Michigan wins I might have to go down to Tallahassee to watch them play Florida State. There's a press conference later today and I'm really curious to see what Tommy has to say at it. Since that loss to Ohio State on Friday every local media outlet has come out with some story calling for Amaker's firing. I'm going to assume he'll be doing the usual Tommy Amaker "we're extremely disappointed but let's win the NIT" bit.

As for the actual NCAA Tournament, I won't lie I was shocked at the raw deal the BIg East got. I thought Syracuse was in for sure and I thought even West Virginia had a legitimate beef for not getting in. I don't know all that much about the Drexel thing but the argument that they should get in simply because they are a mid-major and no teams come to their gym is not reasonable. The selection committee isn't concerned with how big conference schools are pussies and won't come play in mid major hime gyms. They are concerned with putting the top 34 at-large teams in the Tournament. Drexel finished 4th in the CAA and went 1-5 against the top 3 teams from that conference. I realize George Mason did really well last year, but Drexel was the 4TH best team in its conference, which besides those top 4 was relatively weak.

I hope you realize that 'Cuse
not getting in means we'll
have to deal with this man
bitching for weeks

I also think no team in this Tournament has an easier road to the Elite 8 than Georgetown. Unless they play God awful they will be in the Elite 8, and from there anything can happen. The Hoyas should be pretty happy with what they got. I was also surprised to see Duke as a 6 seed. Definitely thought they would be punished more for not finishing that strong, but it looks like the in general the committee rewarded the ACC for being the toughest conference in America this year. I think it's pretty obvious that Arkansas shouldn't have gotten in. I really don't think you should reward a team for having all of its big wins come in a nine-day span that included just the end of the season and the conference tournament. By the way, the Razorbacks have a guard in Patrick Beverley, the SEC freshman of the year, who wanted to go to Michigan but Tommy thought better of recruiting him. Maryland can pretty much beat anybody in its bracket except Florida. It's just too bad they'll have to face them in the Sweet 16. People are talking about how Maryland should be concerned with Davidson, but you know who one of their 4 losses came against: Michigan. It was the second game of the season though. Stephan Curry (son of Dell) is a stud freshman who put up 32 against us and their point guard played with Klein at Barrington so that automatically puts him in the upper echelon of Division 1 point guards. Watch out for GW too. Quietly the Colonials went 23-8 this year and now face a Vanderbilt team that isn't exactly a juggernaut.

He's a Barrington Bronco
Don't fuck with that

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