Monday, January 15, 2007

What a weekend

I wasn't sure if it could live up to all the hype I was giving it, but it was divisional weekend so it really couldn't disappoint that much. There were so many great sports moments, you can't help but look back on it with a smile. This really is the best time of the year to be a diehard sports fan. Now, if only the Redskins could somehow be on the field at this time of year, and then you would have me hooked.

Man it was good to see those Ravens lose. I just really despise that entire city, and to see their football team lose to such a flawed Indy team made me so happy. The MVP of the game was clearly Adam Vinatieri. What more can you say about the guy than what Tony Dungy said about him as his fifth field goal went through the uprights. He's just "money". Peyton finally gets a chance to exercise those demons and maybe — just maybe — play in a Super Bowl. Obviously that's easier said than done when you have to play the Patriots. And speaking of the Pats, that game was awesome against the Chargers. No, it didn't live up to the "greatest divisional game of all time" hype that I gave it, but it was still a great game. The Patriots really are the only team in the NFL that consistently do more with less. I just don't understand how they find so many diamonds in the rough. Remember when they released Troy Brown and then no one picked him up so the Pats simply re-signed him for cheaper. He proved to be extremely important, making that strip off the INT that essentially saved the Pats season. And as shocking as it was to see LT all pissed off after the game, you can sort of understand where he is coming from. If someone slights you, you fight back. Look back over time and you'll realize all the greats have some sort of chip on their shoulders, and now we know LT does too. Don't forget how young this Chargers team is. The D-Line is all under 28, the offensive nucleus (Rivers, LT, Gates) are all under 28 as well, and they have an all-world defender in Merriman. This team is going to be around for awhile. Now, if only they could get a coach who can deliver in the playoffs.

Is this finally the year for Peyton?

And speaking of impressive, you have to hand it to the Bears. They played a great game. That 70-yard bomb that Grossman threw in the first half was a thing of beauty. It literally had myself and Krauss with our jaws dropped. Just an absolutely perfect throw. I really thought the Seahawks were going to pull this one out, and that Gould fellow delivered in the clutch with that game-winning field goal. And for some reason, I just don't have that much respect for the Saints. I was definitely glad to see them eliminate the Eagles, but I just think Chicago is going to have their way with them. I'm willing to guess a lot of the prognosticators are going to favor the Saints, but that's just going to add more fuel to the Bears' fire. Look back at their season, and you'll realize that they haven't lost a "big" NFC game all year. They beat all of the good teams in their conference. By the way, while we were watching the Saints-Eagles game, I asked Krauss who he thought Jeff Garcia would sign with after the season was over. He gave me an interesting answer. "If the Bears lose to the Seahawks, I could see Chicago signing Garcia". Nice pull Krauss, that would be a nice fit. But I think it might be all for naught, because I see the Bears sticking with Rex "Let's party like it's 2007" Grossman.

Speaking of signing Garcia, who do you think he signs with next season. As well as he has played for the Eagles, I don't see them giving him the starting job over McNabb, and I also don't see him settling for being a back-up again. What teams need a QB right now.

The Raiders? That could work, but I'm feeling like that would be Garcia's last resort. The Lions? I mean he was already there last season, would he really go back? The Packers? Only if Brett Favre decides to hang em up. The Browns? He was already there too. The Chiefs? Now you're making some sense because I think the writing might be on the wall for Trent Green. Jags? Maybe, but I can't see them giving up on Garrard/Leftwich just yet. The Texans? Ahah, a match. I'm pretty sure they're getting tired of David Carr, and with Andre Johnson, who would pass up a chance to lead an up and coming team. But if you read what Garcia, Andy Reid, and the Eagles are saying, it looks like Garcia may just end up staying with the Eagles as a back-up. Garcia claims to be done with switching teams. He wants to stay an Eagle. But if (and when because I don't believe this postgame bullshit out of his mouth) Garcia leaves via free agency, these are his most likely destinations: 1) Texans 2) Chiefs 3) Packers (but only if Favre retires).

Does anyone else notice how every time he returns to the
sideline, Garcia runs over to his baseball hat and puts it on.
Why does he do that? Insecurity about his head maybe? I really don't know.

Some random college backetball notes:
- If it really thinks it has a shot at the NCAA Tournament, Michigan needs to start winning on the road. That first half performance against Purdue really was pathetic.
- Nice little win by the Terps at Comcast on Saturday. Too bad the game was on ESPNU, which like no one gets.
- I don't know if anyone caught it (I didn't because of Krauss's 21st bday) but from the highlights of Oregon-Zona, it looked like one awesome game. And for the record that means Oregon has now beaten 'Zona at Zona, GTown at Verizon, and UCLA at home. That's really impressive. Definitely a top-10 team in the nation.
-Thank God Duke won.
-Virginia Tech = legit? I don't know, but beating Duke at Cameron, and then the No. 1 team in the land in the same week is quite the achievement. Their coach is Seth Greenberg. Do you think he was a very good player back in his day?

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