Sunday, January 07, 2007

Gilbert the Superstar

I don't know if anyone realizes how big of a star our own Gilbert Arenas is becoming. Just this week he had his very own New York Times profile seen here:

Not to mention the various stuff the Washington Post has been running on him lately. And now if you haven't heard, the man held his 25th birthday at a DC nightclub. But this wasn't your run of the mill basketball player soiree. No this Gilbert Arenas lovefest was hosted by the one and only Diddy. It featured performances by Busta Rhymes, T.I, Lil' wayne and The Game. For God's sake there was an ice sculpture of Gilber himself. He even had his own website about the party.

Check out the ice sculpture here:

I really have to figure out how to create a link on this blog. Sorry about that, I guess you'll have to just copy and paste all those links.

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