Saturday, January 06, 2007

Playoff Time

I'm writing from the friendly confines of Ryan-Welsh Arena on the campus of Northwestern. It's got the feel of a big high school gym, but I bet it's pretty loud if there were a good team here. But wait, remember, it's Northwestern. Not exactly a basketball powerhouse. They've got more white guys on their team than Churchill this year. I must say I was impressed with the chicken fingers and baked beans in the media room. The only problem is the dance team here. Now you'd think that a dancer would be in decent shape, but they have some legit fat chicks on their dance team here. Like absolutely inappropriately fat. And the worst part is they literally dance right in front of press row. Hopefully Michigan gets a much-needed road win against a team that just lost by 30 to Penn State on Wednesday, and might have the ugliest dance team in Division 1. But now onto more important sporting stuff...the NFL

Two games today and another two on Saturday. I'm going to probably miss the Cheifs-Colts game because I'll be driving back to Ann Arbor, but I'm not going to take a huge risk and pick the Chiefs. As bad as Indy's defense is, I just can't see a team like the Chiefs providing that much trouble. Their defense just doesn't have the talent to match up with the Colts and offense. And as bad as Peyton is in the playoffs, do you really see him going out this early? In the late game, I'm going with the Seahawks. You can't go into the playoffs on a slide like the 'Boys are on and expect to go very far. I think a lot of people are overlooking Seattle. This is the same team that made the Super Bowl last season, and they still have Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander, and Deion Branch. They got blown out by the Bears on national TV mid-season, and everyone kind of forgot about them. But that was when Alexander was out with foot injuries.

Hair: no ... Quality QB: yes

I've got the Giants on Sunday pulling the upset over the Eagles. It's just too hard to beat a team three times in one season. The GMen are going to give the ball to Tiki and let him work, and I think they will pull off a win against an Eagles team that is floating on cloud nine right now. And I'm not going to be a risk taker and pick against Tom Brady in that Jets-Pats game. The Jets are a nice story, but the playoffs are dominated by stars, and that's what the Jets lack.

So to recap: I've got Colts, Seahawks, Giants, and Patriots

Well, it's getting pretty close to tipoff. I'm out.

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