Friday, January 12, 2007

Planning a great sports weekend

I just returned from my dreadful Noon-1pm Friday discussion that seems to get worse every week considering I nurse a pretty gnarly hangover week after week. But who am I to blame but myself. However, the class was made worthwhile by what I saw on my way back to my house. Right outside of the Diag there was a man probably no older than 35, handing out flyers. But this wasn't just your ordinary flyer guy. This flyer guy was dressed up as Boomhower from King of the Hill, and proceeded to hand out flyers doing a dead-on Boomhower impression. I literally had to stop and marvel at this man. And although my hate for these flyer people is well-documented as seen here:

I simply had to take one of those flyers out of respect for the character that is Boomhower and the show that is King of the Hill.

It really was too funny

I know in my previous post I discussed how ridiculously awesome this weekend is for sports viewing, but I think I can take it a little further. I am going to take you through what I hope my weekend viewing pattern will look like for this weekend. So here it goes — an hour by hour look at what my weekend will be like:

Saturday January 13
11am: Hopefully I'll be able to wake up, but I'm thinking my excitement over such a great sports day will force me to wake. And I mean let's be honest with ourselves here — I'm not seeing myself being preoccupied with a girl either. But if I'm up I'll be switching back and forth between ESPN and the Deuce watching either NFL Countdown or College Gameday. And if you have ESPNU, Bucknell and Holy Cross are playing at 10am...yes you read the right 10 AM!

Noon: There's a huge Big east matchup with Marquette facing West Virginia. Both teams are legitimate contenders in the Big East and like I said before the Big East is loaded. And if you haven't seen Marquette's Dominic James play, you've been missing out. He isn't as good as DWade, but he can straight ball. I'll probably also take a few quick peaks at the Indiana/Penn State game shown here in Detroit locally on ABC-7. That one could be interesting since it's in State College, and the Nittany Lions actually have something resembling a basketball team this season.

1pm: Big time non conference matchup between Tennessee and Ohio State is on CBS nationally. I really can't believe how loaded the Buckeyes schedule is this season. Think about it: UNC, Florida, and Tennessee in one year. Imagine if Michigan had a schedule like that. Although I probably won't watch much of the first half of this one if the Marquette game is close.

2pm: There's some regional NHL action on NBC. They haven't put up whose going to be on the air in Detroit as of today, but if it's the Caps, I'll be watching. That was a tough one against the Lightning last night. Martin St. Louis always seems to kill us. But it actuality I'm going to be watching the end of that UT-OSU battle.

3pm: If you need to get anything done today, this is the time to do it. Because if you don't want to miss any playoff action, you gotta go do whatever it is you need to do now. But if you're like me and have set aside the whole weekend for sports, there is UCLA visiting USC on Fox Sports Net and Wisco travels to Northwestern on local ABC-7 here in the Detroit area.

330pm: NFL Today pregame show on CBS. I'll probably just watch snippets of this but I mean you have to love hearing Shannon Sharpe flap his gums for an hour. Watch the show and you'll realize that for as many words the man says, he equals them in the amount of times he laughs. He literally thinks everything is hilarious. And Boomer Esiason, who I think is a great analyst, gets lost in the shuffle because of it.

430pm: Colts @ Ravens...I mean what more can you really say about this. It's the Divisional Round, and if you consider yourself a football fan, you will be watching. I don't think it gets much better than Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne versus Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and the rest of that ferocious Ravens defense. Too bad the game has to take place in the decrepit city of Baltimore.

Th city of Baltimore in a nutshell

8pm: Eagles at Saints, although this one gets complicated. Obviously I want to watch this game because like I said above it's the playoffs. But unlike the Colts/Ravens game, which had nothing else decent going on at the same time...this Saints/Eagles game has a couple good things going on. Over on ESPN, Pitt battles GTown in another ginormous Big East game. The NBA scouts will definitely be keeping an eye the Aaron Gray/Roy Hibbert matchup. And then you've got...

9pm: Michigan faces Purdue in West Lafayette, a place they haven't won at in four years. Last year, i would have obviously gone with the NFL playoffs, but my job forces me to watch this game. I'm obviously going to be switching back and forth, but I'm really torn here. I guess it's a great problem to have. BY the way, if anyone has read the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press lately, they have been pumping white boy extroadinaire Reed Baker. Too bad I beat 'em to the punch with my shoes article that appeared in Tuesday's paper.

Which one is Deshawn Sims and
which one is K'Len Morris?
I'll give you a hint: Deshawn
is not white

What's great about this whole thing is that was just Saturday. Sunday is all about quality over quantity. There aren't as many games, but the ones that are there are pretty awesome:

1pm: So this day starts a little bit later than the day before. And hopefully all of you will be enjoying a night of boozing wherever you are on Saturday night, which means the 1pm start will be welcomed. But once you wake up the sports fun start immediately. Seahawks vs. Bears is a 1pm kick, and I like I said last week I really like this Seahawk team. The Bears defense and offense are shaky, and Rex Grossman is a novice in the playoffs. By the way, I know all of the announcers are giving him shit for admitting he was looking forward to New Year's Eve rather than that Packers game, but I mean c'mon the guy is like 25 give him a break. I know I would be looking forward to getting tanked if I were him.

2pm: CBS has a national Big Ten game on just like Saturday. This time it's Michigan State vs. Illinois. And although I will obviously be watching the playoffs, it's nice to have something to fall back on during commercial time. I know this — I don't care what Krauss says — I will be controlling the remote all weekend. Another thing in this game is that it really is a game both teams need to win. The Illini lost to Michigan for God's sake. Trust me, that doesn't bode well for a season.

430pm: Immediately following the conclusion of one playoff game, another one starts. And this SD-NE game could go down as the best divisional matchup of all time. I seriously cannot wait for this game. And the fact that Graham told me Shawne Merriman has a tatoo of a light switch in the off position (his nickname is lights out) is hysterical to me. Oh yeah did I mention I have insider information (it's actually just what Matt Brown told me) that Lights Out and his former teammate Vernon Davis both did 'roids back in their days at College Park.

530pm: Duke plays Miami in a nationally televised game on FSN (Comcast SportsNet to all you DC natives). Honestly, if the Pats-Chargers game is close I won't really be watching this except during commercials. I'll definitely be checking up on the score though because Duke really needs this one. They haven't started 0-3 in the ACC since that year where Coach K took a leave of absense and the team finished below .500 overall.

8pm: And if you weren't absolutely exhausted from all the sports already, FSN has another big time game following the Duke game. Oregon and Arizona play in a key Pac-10 matchup. It's prefectly timed to coincide with the end of the Pats-Chargers game. Nice move by FSN. And speaking of the Pac-10: Has it ever been stronger than it is this season? Just think about how many good teams are there (UCLA, 'Zona, Oregon, USC Washington, Washington State, there might be more).

Man, looking back over this post just makes me even more excited for a weekend that should truly be special. Oh wait, I get to repeat it next weekend when there's more college bball and the conference title games. Jackpot!

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