Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Just some ramblings to wrap up winter break

Well it's my last day in Maryland before returning to Michigan, so I thought I'd give my thoughts on what was a relatively relaxing winter break.

1) Chods New Year's Eve party was pretty sweet. Not only did Chachi come out in full force, we got to drink to-p shelf liquor all night. Highlight of the night was definitely smearing dip all over Reagan while he was passed out. Lowlight was Ashley Benjamin calling me Jordan Sill to my face. And even after one Andrew Friedson corrected her...she did it again. Do I really look that much like him?

2) Jeff (my little bro) made the family proud as well on New Year's Eve collecting a nice little alcohol citation for himself. Apparently him and his friends forgot the novel concept of running from the cops rather than hiding from them. For those who read this in Maryland you'll like this: Even Terrance Ihm got cited!

Chachi: MVP of NYE

3) Tommy Amaker might just be the worst in-game basketball coach I have ever seen. I firmly believe that George Brown could coach this Wolverine team better than he does. Jay Bilas said on the broadcast of the GTown-Michigan game on Saturday that if Michigan just got some offense they would be alright. Well Jay, if Michigan ran something that resembled a zone offense or any offense at all, maybe they would be better. I have seriously never seen a college basketball team with such awful offensive sets in my life. I don't know if Tommy draws it up this way, but it essentially it goes like this: They pass it around the perimeter until there are about 7 seconds on the shot clock. Then either Jerret Smith or Dion Harris try to go one-on-one and force up a tough shot that is usually way off the mark. But what's even worse is that Tommy has been running this same offense the entire time I've been at Michigan. It's clear he's not going to change, which means the athletic department needs to make one. Oh wait they just signed Amaker to an extension through 2011. Silly me for thinking the Michigan athletic department would ever made a wise decision.

4) I've really been digging the big features in the Washington Post lately chronicling the demise of the Rerdskins this season. It's pretty interesting to read about how all these free agent acquisitions essentially sabotaged the team because the players lost trust in the coaching staff. But I think the offense found an identity at the end of the season, and Gibbs won't be stupid and mess that up next year. The defense is another thing. If Gregg Williams is really as smart as he thinks he is, he will be able to go back to the drawing board and figure out what went wrong this year and fix it. Hopefully the Skins will use that No. 6 pick in the draft to get somehow of immediate impact on the defense (Alan Branch?). Rumor has it that Dan Snyder has his sights set on nabbing Nate Clements this offseason. We'll see how that goes.

Please become a Redskin

5) That Boise State-Oklahoma game was awesome. The ending was just phenomenal. It was a smart coaching move by Chris Peterson to go for two in overtime because I don't know how much longer the Broncos could have held on. But despite all the praise Boise State is getting right now, the old-schoolers from the power conferences will always hold it against the Broncos for winning the game with a couple of gadget plays. Whether that is fair or not, I don't know. Also, while myself and Battey were watching the game, I came up with a theory that I'm not sure about, so I figured I'd just post it here. The interception thrown by Paul Thompson in the third quarter was so bad, that it almost looked like he threw it on purpose. And the same goes for Zabransky's interception at the end of the game. Then after both INTs, each QB suddenly became completion machines. Kind of sketchy if you ask me. How far is Glendale from Vegas?

Paul Thompson and Rhett Bomar:
More similarities than being
Sonner signal callers?

6) I was really skeptical about Fox broadcasting the most of the BCS bowl games this year. It just didn't seem right not having the familiar voices of Brad Nessler and Brent Musberger calling the games. But I must say, from watching the Fiesta Bowl, I really enjoyed the analysis from Charles Davis and Barry Alvarez. Davis is a little corny at times, but both him and Alvarez are much more critical than other announce teams. I liked that they made strong points, rather than making bland statements that sort of imply something, but in the end mean nothing (see Kirk Herbstreit).

7) On Saturday following the UCONN-West Virginia bball game, Rick Majerus and Steve Lavin were calling Jerome "Jerome 'Slicin' Dyson". I don't know about that one fellas. But I hope everyone caught his dirty dunk on a breakaway in the first half of that WVU game. And just an FYI here...this Saturday night UCONN faces LSU and Dickie V is calling the game. And if you know me well, you know that I'm a sucker for Dickie V -- and now add on that Jerome is playing in a Dickie V game. I'm not really sure it can get more awesome.

8) You heard it here first: The Wizards will make it to the Eastern Conference Finals this season. And the Capitals...well I have no idea about that team right now. This recent stretch has been deadly for a team that rose to as high as sixth in the eatern conference just a few weeks ago.

Caron and the Wiz have
been straight ballin'

9) And just to add onto my previous post following the Rose Bowl. I realize that Michigan getting thomped by USC gives credence to the notion that Florida deserves to be in the National Championship, but look at the bowl results. Penn State -- a team given no credit during the regular season -- physically dominated an overmatched Tennessee team that finished second in the SEC East. Then the first place team in the SEC West (Arkansas) was beaten by a Wisconsin team that was also left for dead because they didn't beat any "elite teams". To me, that indicates that the Big Ten could have had 3 teams in BCS bowl games if it were allowed. When all is said and done in the bowl season, the Big Ten is likely to finish with 3 teams in the top 10 (Ohio State, Wisco, and Michigan) and four in the top-20 (Penn State). That deadly schedule that every SEC team has to face doesn't look so fatal anymore

Lastly, I hope everyone has a great 2007. Everyone be safe abroad.

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