Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ramblings from Madison

So I'm here in Madison covering the Michigan-Wisco game coming up in about a half hour here at the Kohl Center. Unfortunately the press doesn't get to sit courtside here, in fact, I'm higher up here than I ever am at Crisler. But that's due in large part to how big this place is. It's capacity is basically the same as the Verizon Center. It is really nice inside, and the media food was pretty solid: Caesar salad, baked potatoes, chips and salsa, and country fried steak. And then the kicker — Tiramissiu (did I spell that right?) for dessert. I would be lying to you if I told you I thought Michigan was going to win this one. Since Bo Ryan started coaching here in Madison, the Badgers have lost just TWO home Big Ten games, both losses coming at the hands of Illinois. That makes Ryan 41-2 in six years at the Kohl Center. He's 86-5 overall at home during his tenure. And when you look at these two teams, you would be remiss to not look at both coaches. Ryan and Amaker started in the same year (2001). While Tommy has yet to make it to the NCAA Tournament, Bo has made it 5 of his 6 years at the helm. And oh yeah, I forgot to mention: Bo Ryan currently has the No. 2 ranked team in that nation! Man, what I wouldn't give for a real basketball coach.

Bo knows Badger basketball

Well there's like 20 minutes until tipoff, and given the reputation this place has I was expecting it to be more full than it is right now. It's not even close to half full, and the student section isn't even here. Maybe they all come in at once or something. Your guess is as good as mine. I'm hoping for a big Wolverine upset, which would definitely propel them into Tournament conversation...but let's be serious — this is a Tommy Amaker-coached team. There's no way they're coming in here prepared for a big time road game.

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