Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wrestling at an all-time low

There are obviously tons of people out there in the world that deem wrestling (not the Stone Cold Steve Austin kind) as slightly if not humongously homosexual. Since I was a high school wrestler, I clearly disagree with this assumption. It's actually the most challenging sport out with its mixture of strength, speed, athleticism, skill, and smarts. Hell, I even covered the sport extensively in college for the Michigan Daily.

Well even me, the most staunch supporter of wrestling, can't defend this story from Deadspin about a 17-year-old wrestler who just took the sport to an all-time low. See this kid in Connecticut is taking one of his teammates to court over this:

The charges are based on an incident last December during a wrestling team practice session at the school. The 17-year-old victim was wrestling with another teammate, police said, when he allegedly heard the defendant tell his opponent to pin him to the mat. While the victim was pinned on his back, police said, the defendant approached, bent down and exposed his genitals in the victim's face.

The victim managed to free himself and went to a water cooler to rinse out his mouth, declaring, "That was disgusting," according to the police report. The victim was initially reluctant to report the incident, police said, but later came forward after other Bunnell students learned about it.

I don't claim to be some wrestling expert or to know all of the moves out there, but I'm pretty sure teabagging isn't something Dan Gable, Cael Sanderson, or the other American greats had in mind. You never know, the kid may have simply been trying to play that game from the movie "Waiting", and show the kid his batwing.

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