Monday, August 25, 2008

I swear I'll brb

I'm in the middle of transitioning from intern biotch/writer at the New York Sun to being big fish in a little pond here at Connection Newspapers. Transforming from a biotch to a baracuda-sized writer takes time, though, so the posts will be a little infrequent for the next few days.

I'll leave you with this quote from SI involving my man, Jim Bowden, and his decision to not sign the Nats 1st round draft choice, Aaron Crow, even though the team may be worse than that group of Hawaiians who dominated the Little League World Series:

Aaron Crow, who rejected the Nats' $3.3-million offer to sign with the Forth Worth Cats, tells Eric SanInocencio of Baseball Digest Daily Live that he would prefer if Washington picked someone else next year. Crow said after he was picked, he "didn't hear back from (GM Jim Bowden) for the rest of the month.''

For the record, the draft was on June 7, meaning Bowden decided to wait about three weeks before making contact. If he blames this on the secretary, I'm really going to be mad.

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