Monday, July 30, 2007

McGuff the Crime Dog

It's official. Texas running back Sam McGuffie, the No. 1 All-Purpose running back in the class of 2008, will be donning a Michigan Wolverine jersey. He announced it last night on a Sunday night sports show in Houston. Heading into last night, it was pretty common knowledge that McGuffie was deciding between Big Blue and Texas A&M, although he also listed USC, Notre Dame, and Florida as others who he considered. With Mike Hart graduating after this season, McGuffie will have a shot at starting from the get go...kind of like Hart did. Some call him "the white Reggie Bush" because of plays like this right here on the link thing that I finally figured out how to make

And I am officially proclaiming that this kid must have a nickname. From now on, he will simply be Scruff McGuff in honor and homage to the great Scruff McGruff the Crime Dog. Hopefully he becomes the newest college football sensation once he gets here and emulates the "no-nonsense, won't take any crap" attitude of the dog he will now forever be linked with.

On the left is Scruff McGuff. On the right is Daryl Stonum, a wide receiver who has committed and could be the next in line for the No. 1 jersey.

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