Friday, July 06, 2007

Trouble on the Horizon?

What's that? Two posts in one day. Oh yeah, you know it. It's just a DC sports extravaganza on the blog today because I just couldn't hold back on some Wiz talk. And it's not pretty and rosy and this really doesn't even involve Gilbert... but really everything with the Wiz involves Gilbert.

So if you haven't heard the Wiz just offered DeShawn Stevenson a 4-year 12 million contract extension because his deal is up. He made 900,000 last season, so this is a pretty decent raise. But if you look at some of the contracts being doled out there these days, it really is chump change. Jason Kapono, who didn't even start for the Heat last season got 5 years 27 mil, and some guy named Adam Carroll from The Boobcats got 5 years 24 mil. And I don't think I'm stepping over the line in saying that DeShawn was better than both those guys. But I'm also extremely happy that Ernie Grunfeld, Wiz GM/President, is not overpaying for DeShawn. I think it's obvious a guy like DeShawn can be found just about anywhere for cheaper than those ridiculous deals.

Here's the catch though. Who is Gilbert Arenas' best friend on the Wiz? Answer: DeShawn Stevenson. Who just said he'd be opting out of his contract at the end of this upcoming season? Answer: Gilbert Arenas. Is there a price tag on keeping Gil happy? Answer: I'm not sure.

Who knew he'd be so important in the scheme of things.

It's also being reported all over the place that EG is definitely shopping Etan Thomas and his ugly, disgusting, mortifying contract that was signed by the pre-EG regime. The Wiz know they can't keep both Brendan Haywood and Etan because they absolutely despise each other to the point that they beat the hell out of each other on occasion. Brendan actually has a pretty sweet contract that is entirely reasonable for the minutes/production he gives.

Here's the catch though (how about that repetition). Nobody in their right mind wants Etan's ugly, disgusting, mortifying contract, especially for a player who couldn't hold onto a starting job over someone who sits down to pee (Haywood). Good news though: 2002 second round pick Juan Carlos Navarro, who for the past four years has been content to stay in Europe has now voiced interest in coming to the NBA. And the Wiz still have his rights. It gets better too. If DeShawn signs, it's likely the Wiz won't have enough money to keep JCN and Abe Pollin, the Wiz owner, has no desire to be a luxury tax team. Good news: There are teams lining up for JCN, including the Heat and Cavs. Maybe EG can package JCN with Etan so the Wiz can get rid of the ugly, disgusting, mortifying thing and maybe pick up some decent players in the process (Can someone say a defensive guy or maybe a 3-point shooter to complement the drive and kick games of Gil and Caron).

Meet Juan Carlos Navarro of Madrid.

Oh yeah and EG just gave Eddie Jordan's assistant coaches one-year contracts, while bringing in a new guy, Tom Thibadeau, who is a defensive specialist. Here's the catch though. He gave Tommy T a two-year deal. Does this signal the make-or-break year for Eddie Jordan.

Almost forgot the team is still trying to re-sign Andray Blatche, which I'm pretty sure EG realizes is an absolute must because this kid might explode any day now.

To say the least, there's a ton of interestingness swirling around the Verizon Center these days.

My take on the whole thing...Well, Juan Carlos Navarro is known for being dynamite from the beyond the arc, and if he wants to sign with the Wiz, why should we just give him away to a conference rival? And teams are interested in Haywood because of his palatable deal, so why don't we get rid of him since he basically quit on the team last year and for God''s sake: HE SITS DOWN WHEN HE PEES! It's unfortunate the Wiz are going to need to deal with that ugly, digusting, mortifying thing called Etan's contract, but sometimes you just need to suck it up and deal with a mistake. And if DeShawn doesn't like his 3-mil a year deal, then let him go elsewhere. I bet JCN can put up 11 a game while playing ok defense (a la DeShawn). Get that defensive specialist when you dump Haywood. And Gilbert...well the Wiz didn't sign one of his good buddies, Larry Hughes, a few summers back and look how that worked out. Larry is now sporting one of those ugly, disgusting, mortifying things and was benched (I mean injured...right) for a second-round rookie in the NBA Finals. Like I said in a prior post, Gilbert is a God damn icon in DC and the Wiz are not going to let him get away. He can buy a fucking plane to go visit Larry and DeShawn with the max deal he signs after this coming season.

I don't know if anyone has checked his blog lately, but on it Gilbert says he wants to buy an island near Tahiti because "Diana Ross has one". This is the one guy I wish I met at the NBA Draft. It'll happen someday, I can feel it.

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